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Improve Your Kitchen's Operations With Revel Enterprise

Transform your kitchen operations through faster order processing and improved order accuracy with Revel Enterprise. With Revel’s Kitchen Display System (KDS), your back of house team receives orders digitally from the front of house, reducing the cost of wasted product by ensuring accurate communication. Whether your business has a single food prep station or a network of kitchen team members preparing multiple orders, Revel Enterprise can be tailored to suit your individual business needs.


Digitize Your Kitchen

More Efficiently Manage Orders

No longer rely on printers - display orders as they come in on an easy to read Kitchen Display System. Automatic syncing between your POS and KDS ensures rapid order processing

Optimize Operations With Intelligent Reporting

Utilize inventory and sales reports when making decisions for your kitchen. Ingredient level reporting provides insights to aid in inventory purchases and menu changes.

Improve Kitchen Efficiency

Improve Order Accuracy and Wait Times

Show your customers that your team values their business and gets orders right the first time by ensuring better communication between front and back of house.

Customize Your Workflow for Service Excellence

Design the specific workflow that your establishment requires so that orders progress seamlessly from one KDS to another, ensuring optimal service execution.

Keep Operations Flowing With Bump Capabilities

Easily change an order’s priority as necessitated by service demands by moving it forward into the queue or delaying it until after the previous course goes out.

"When we implemented Kitchen Display Systems, our ticket times and errors went down, while guest satisfaction went up. Our food costs went down a point and a half because of no mistakes, better accuracy, and increased throughput. It’s a huge breakthrough for us."

— Corey Balzer, President, Twistee Treat

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