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Digital Delivery Management

Demand for Delivery Continues to Grow

Delivery sales projected to rise 20% year over year worldwide by 2030, from $35 billion to $365 billion. Third-party delivery companies have shifted consumer expectations. It is now an assumption that all restaurants provide delivery services, whether in-house or not.


Enterprise Delivery Management

Ensure Your Data Tells a Story

Revel Delivery XT allows you to address shifting consumer expectations with an option that doesn’t take a huge slice of your profits on every order.

Revel’s industry-leading native delivery management solution integrates fully with your point of sale (POS) and kitchen management solutions, and gives your customers peace of mind with driver tracking and real-time status updates.


Take Back Delivery

Gain insights and maintain control of the entire delivery experience.

Optimize Kitchen to Door Operations

  • Delivery insights in a single, central dashboard, ensuring you can keep an eye on every aspect of your delivery operations
  • Driver app - fulfill deliveries and monitor drivers live on a virtual delivery map
  • Hire your employees to deliver customer orders

Own Your Full Customer Experience

  • Customers can track every order in real-time as their favorite dishes route directly to their home
  • Automate customer communication - send emails or SMS texts directly to customers via updated information from your kitchen display system (KDS)
  • Manage customers expectations with order updates and expected arrival times

Maximize Profits

  • With Revel’s native delivery solution integrated directly to your POS, you’ll retain full profits on every order, and aggregate all your order data to a single, central console
  • Delivery XT is powered by Captain AI, allowing you to access data-driven efficiency for each delivery

Delivery Resources and Market Trends

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Stay Ahead of the Tech Curve

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The Future of Online Ordering

A business survival guide for today’s digital consumer who wants to order anywhere, any time.

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Explore Other Solutions Within Revel’s Platform

Our solutions can help you do even more with your business.

Diversify your revenue streams and give your customers the flexibility to order online at their convenience.

Sell on the go, speed up the order process, and engage your customers with Revel's online ordering features and mobile order takers.

Streamline your kitchen processes with tools that connect directly to your point of sale.

Flexibility is key in catering to your customers. Be prepared for split bills, seamless bar tabs, store credit, and more with Revel’s payment features.

Revel’s dedicated service professionals are committed to helping you drive operational improvements across all of your franchises.