Revel gives me the flexibility to pull different reports when I need to. With the extra time I save, I'm able to focus on other parts of my business that I wasn't able to focus on before.
- Rosemary Diaz, Co-Founder, Xochimex Cantina Grill, Miami, FL

About Xochimex Cantina Grill

Xochimex Cantina Grill began in 2009 as an 800 sq. foot space in Miami, FL. They spice up typical fast casual Mexican food by offering a variety of fresh-pressed tortillas and all-natural ingredients. Their innovative model proved a fast success, and Xochimex has since grown into a four-location enterprise with a food truck and additional franchisees. But as Xochimex expanded, co-founder Rosemary Diaz knew she needed a new Restaurant Point of Sale to keep up with her growth and give her remote access to live data. After trying 5 different POS systems, Diaz finally found Revel Systems as a POS partner.

The Revel Solution

“Gift cards open up a new revenue source, and customers can buy a gift card for one location and redeem it in another. It adds a lot of flexibility to our brand.”

“Real-time reporting is a feature that I can't live without. As we grow, I'm not able to travel to each store everyday. Knowing that I can keep track of every store's lunch rush or dinner traffic is invaluable.”

rosemary diaz xochimex owner

Why Revel

With Revel, Rosemary Diaz not only has the time to grow her business in new ways, but the features to do so. She’s excited to add elements like inventory and online ordering to enhance operations and increase her bottom line. “We're excited about implementing Online Ordering with Revel Systems. We think it will give us a competitive edge against some of the national brands around us.” She’s also found how crucial it is to have a Point of Sale that successfully operates offline. “My business is about 80% credit cards, so having Always On Mode is a lifesaver. Always On Mode has saved us thousands of dollars from Internet outages in the area.” Xochimex will continue to open franchise locations in Florida and looks forward to a long partnership with Revel Systems.

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