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Twistee Treat


Twistee Treat USA began in 1984 by a visionary who wanted to create the first 25-foot ice cream cone out of fiberglass. Now the ice cream chain opens every new location with the iconic structure and has grown exponentially after new ownership in 2011. The chain is one of very few to offer real ice cream, made from a local, 7th generation dairy farm, and gives customers the option to completely customize their dessert. Corey Balzer, President of Twistee Treat USA, was looking for an iPad-based Point of Sale to bring innovative solutions to his business, and has been with Revel for over 5 years.

The Revel Challenge

Increase Throughput with Kitchen Display Systems (KDS)

As a quick service chain, throughput time can make or break a days’ sales. To help improve operations, Corey and his team installed Kitchen Display Systems across locations.

Growing Customer Loyalty

Twistee Treat opens new locations on a consistent basis. Corey and his team wanted to drive traffic to new locations while implementing a loyalty and rewards programs for existing Twistee Treats.

Twistee Treats uses Revel iPad POS and CEO in image

The Revel Solution

“The minute we implemented Kitchen Display Systems, our ticket times went down, errors went down, guest satisfaction went up - it was tremendous. Our food costs went down a point and a half because of no mistakes, better accuracy and increased throughput - it’s a huge breakthrough for us.”

“The loyalty program is tremendous. It’s easy and there are no cards or paper, it’s all done electronically. We just need to know their name or phone number and we’re in business. The no-card system now has 42,000 people in only six months and customers love the rewards.”

There is no system that could improve our business now and in the future like Revel can, with their constant enhancements and growth. Revel has revolutionized our brand.
- Corey Balzer, President, Twistee Treat, Orlando, FL

Why Revel

Corey and his team will continue to expand Twistee Treat USA’s presence. He shared, “The seamless guest experience and the fluidity of the transactions are great. Employees like the ease of use, and the training dollars that we don't spend to get them up to speed is a big savings. When you don't even have to think about your Point of Sale because it’s working seamlessly in the background, it makes life easier."