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The Teahouse

Business Type:

Quick Service


Houston, Texas

About The Teahouse

Based in Houston, the Teahouse is a staple for neighbors to gather and share stories over a cup of tea. In business since 2000, the Teahouse was the very first traditional Taiwanese cream teahouse in the Houston area – making it a true pioneer in the bubble tea space. The Teahouse has seen a huge response from the Houston community, and as a result of its success the Teahouse has expanded to over 10 locations.

iPad POS | The Teahouse

The Revel Solution

The Teahouse wanted to maintain personalized customer service amongst their fast-paced expansion. Any by seeking the partnership of Revel and Spendgo they were able to not lose sight on the customer experience. By diving into their data and automating their processes – Aria and his team found Revel's "centralized management a huge plus" when managing all their operations.

Thanks to the SpendGo integration, increasing customer loyalty is easier now than ever. "Tracking rewards usage is significantly easier now – I can just log in to SpendGo's dashboard and see things directly in graph form instead of sorting data and creating the visuals myself," said Aria. While most loyalty programs only get a couple of hundred members per location annually, the Teahouses' adoption has exploded thanks to the simplicity of the program.

the Teahouse
I honestly haven't counted how many hours I save, but it's lowering my workload to the point where I can let it work automatically without much intervention on my part.
- Aria Pramesi, Operations Director, The Teahouse