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When The Halal Guys opened up their first food cart in 1990, it quickly became a leading destination in New York City for American halal fare. Years later, they embarked on a new adventure — expanding their authentic halal cuisine beyond food carts into restaurants.

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The Revel Challenge

Rapid franchise growth

The Halal Guys needed a POS platform able to easily scale with their quickly-expanding brand.

Demand for delivery

Customer demand for contactless ordering and delivery meant The Halal Guys needed an agile, adaptable solution with the ability to integrate with third parties.

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The Revel Solution

The needs of The Halal Guys’ customers were evolving, with a growing expectation of seamless transactions for online order and pick up. The restaurant’s leadership team made the decision to move to Revel’s cloud-based POS solution as it provided a technology platform that met
its operational requirements to scale while also providing a seamless customer experience across channels. Revel’s customer-focused approach would help ensure that customer experience was at the forefront of Halal Guys’ strategy for growth.

Additionally, with Revel’s track record for innovation, The Halal Guys team was confident that they would be able to not just survive, but thrive, as they continued to grow their brand.

The most beneficial feature is that the whole system is cloud-based, which means our franchisees and corporate development team can access data from anywhere, allowing us to oversee and troubleshoot inventory, employee management, sales reporting and much more.”
Margaret Carrera, Chief Development Officer, The Halal Guys

Why Revel

As Margaret Carrera, Chief Development Officer, The Halal Guys shared, “When we were considering Revel, we saw it as the most compatible POS system for The Halal Guys because it supported franchisees, team members and loyal customers.”

The implementation of Revel went smoothly, thanks to the platform’s user-friendly interface and easy menu programming, coupled with the low cost of implementation and ability to set all the new systems up quickly. Revel was live at more than 60 locations in three months.

Additionally, thanks to the many industry partnerships and open API offered by Revel, The Halal Guys were able to mesh their existing rewards program with the new POS. Leveraging Punchh for customer loyalty and Chowly for delivery management services — both Revel Integrated Partners — The Halal Guys restaurant operators were able to house a variety of key solutions within a singular, integrated platform and dashboard.