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The Farm at South Mountain


The Farm at South Mountain is a unique event venue located in South Phoenix, Arizona. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner at three restaurants located on the ten acre property, as well as hosting a garden that produces much of what is served on-site, The Farm prides itself on giving guests a serene escape from the city to relax and enjoy a meal around Arizona’s natural landscapes. With thousands of visitors daily during peak season, the venue’s legacy POS system wasn’t able to keep up with demand. Once they switched to Revel, everyone in the organization—the customers, employees, managers, and even the IT team—felt the benefits.

The Revel Challenge

Cloud-Based POS

Ten acres is a lot of ground to cover, especially when a back-office server crashes in the middle of a service rush. Upgrading to a cloud-based Point of Sale provided the team with the much needed relief that business will carry on smoothly throughout the day.

Gift Cards

For new and unique venues, word of mouth holds a lot of value in creating lasting business. For The Farm, gift cards integrated directly into Revel’s POS are a win for customers as well as the establishment as a whole.

The Revel Solution

“We love that with Revel everything is stored in the cloud. It has made life so much easier for our IT team to make sure that all the software is up-to-date, security updates are seamless, and that we can change things on the menu easily.”

“Gift cards with our old POS system were just too expensive, so we tried to maintain a paper trail instead, which created a lot of reporting problems. Having gift cards that are maintained through Revel’s POS has been a huge win for us, especially since we can customize the branding.”

Revel has helped us provide better service and operate more efficiently. The Customer Display System improves order accuracy and reduces food waste in our counter-service restaurant, while Revel’s Intelligent Reporting provides the necessary tools to optimize our fine dining menu for maximum sales.
- Ashley Oakes Scott, Director of Marketing, The Farm at South Mountain

Why Revel

For The Farm, Revel has made managing multiple venues a little easier for everyone involved. “Our entire team has seen major improvements as far as work/life balance, being able to do tasks quicker, and the user-friendliness of the system has really helped reduce service time.” Regardless of what their guests come out for, they’re sure to have a great experience at the Farm; that’s what the team specializes in. It’s also why they love Revel. “We’ve had a seamless experience since day one, and just making that move and jumping into a modern system has been amazing for The Farm and all of our restaurants.”