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The Bean

Business Type:

Business Type:

Quick Service, Restaurant


New York



About The Bean

Born in New York’s East Village in the spring of 2003, The Bean is a “neighborhood coffee shop,” with everything from menu items to café décor influenced by the surrounding neighborhood’s vibe. Now five locations strong, the coffee shop continues to proudly deliver a local taste to patrons at each of its locations.

The Revel Challenge

Loyalty Program

The Bean needed a loyalty solution that could seamlessly integrate with its Revel point of sale.

The Revel Solution

According to a 2018 WalletHub study, New York, NY has the most coffee houses and cafés per capita of any city in the United States. Due to the concentration of shops in the city, it should come as no surprise that customer competition is steep. Up against coffee behemoths, like Starbucks and Dunkin, The Bean’s founders looked to options to attract market share for those interested in a great, local cup of joe. “It was very frustrating to compete with these giants,” says Ike Escava, co-owner at The Bean. “Our customers are going to those stores, talking about those [loyalty] apps, talking about those conveniences—and we’re not in a position to compete.” Hopeful for a loyalty solution that could seamlessly integrate with The Bean’s Revel point of sale (POS) platform, Escava and his colleagues sought to implement a rewards system of their own to drive traffic into their shops and incentivise repeat customers.

A fitting loyalty solution for The Bean arrived in the way of Como Sense, a Revel loyalty integration partner. Como offered the perks and benefits of a robust loyalty program scaled for smaller operations, like The Bean’s five shops. “Como Sense has really helped us engage with our customers in a more personalized way because we can see their names and we can see their order history,” says Kalin Alberts, business manager at The Bean. “We know exactly what we want them coming back for and what their preferences are here at The Bean.”

Revel point of sale at The Bean
The integration with Revel and Como has been a great tool for us.
Ike Escava, Co-owner, The Bean

Why Revel

Identifying the right loyalty solution was the first step for The Bean’s leadership team. Next they had to integrate it with their point of sale system. “One big advantage of choosing Como, for me, was how easy the integration with Revel was. The two companies work so well together that it took so much work off my hands,” says Alberts. Revel’s open API allows for best of breed app integrations, like Como’s loyalty platform, freeing restaurant owners to curate the best offerings for their business and customer base. “The way that our POS syncs with Como is very helpful because it gives us the ability to reach out to our customers after we see what they are purchasing,” says Escava.