I’m glad I found Revel iPad Point of Sale, I’m one of your biggest fans.
- Buddy Utley, Owner, Taco Tico, Topeka, KS
iPad POS | Taco Tico

About Taco Tico

Taco Tico is a Mexican quick service chain serving Tex-Mex cuisine in a fast casual environment now using Revel iPad Point of Sale system. The first Taco Tico opened in 1962 but ran into financial trouble; Buddy Utley bought two locations in 2013 to turn things around. Taco Tico switched from Shopkeep to Revel Systems and has been doing better than ever, and growing quickly with a cult following.

The Revel Solution

“I live by Revel. My office is in Indiana, my home is in Kentucky and my store locations are in Kansas. I can monitor my hourly sales, labor costs, as well as the products being sold easily. It’s saved us time and money. I bring up one report that shows me the matrix for the whole week of when employees log in and out and I can catch when they forget to clock out. We can do this in Revel but not in Shopkeep.”

“Almost without fail customers will comment on how quickly they get their food. From the time they place their order to when employees bring their food out to them. Without Revel, that wouldn’t happen. The speed of service has really helped our rush hour lunch business.”

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Why Revel

Utley has saved time and money with the Revel Point of Sale system. Revel’s cloud-based POS allows him to monitor labor and sales remotely, and it’s Always On mode saves him thousands of dollars when the Internet goes down. Customers find the system impressively “up-to-date” and employees “would quit if we switched to a POS other than Revel.” Utley plans to grow his business with Revel and implement features such as inventory management and loyalty programs in the future.

10 Ways to Save Money with Revel
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