They’ve got it dialed. It works. Day in and day out – it’s proven.
- Chris Dressick, Managing Partner, The Station SF, San Francisco, CA

About The Station SF

The Station SF is a café on the edge of North Beach and Jackson Square. Chris Dressick, managing partner, describes the café as “The meet-all spot for the downtown area.” Open since August 2012, the North Beach-based café offers a friendly environment – a place to relax, enjoy a delicious pour over, a tasty meal and get some work done. The Station uses Revel iPad POS shouldn't you be?

The Revel Solution

“You can look at your flow charts for sales and see where your spikes are, where your low times are, collaborate your reports into that information. There’s a lot of cool little functions to it that other systems do not offer in a cloud-based format.”

“We are going to be transforming part of our pop-up area into more of a grab-and-go section with fresh daily salads, sandwiches, all sorts of snacks and goodies to offer. Guests can come in, grab the items they want, and use Revel’s kiosk function to self-check out.”

The Station SF

Why Revel

Chris would “definitely recommend” Revel to other businesses, and is especially thrilled with Revel’s willingness to listen. The “great thing about Revel” is “They will listen to their customers, where other companies will not. Revel is willing to grow as their customer base and needs grow, and you can’t ask for anymore than that. That’s pretty exceptional these days.”

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