With Revel, they really take our needs into consideration. They have made our life easier because they take the changes that we suggest and bring them to fruition. I really feel like we have a business partner with Revel.
Buzzy Sklar, Owner, Sliderz , Miami FL

About Sliderz

A slider is much more than an appetizer item. Sliderz likes to call themselves “American Tapas” because they offer over 15 types of small artisan sandwiches in a fast casual environment. Sliderz’ sliders range from a classic mini hamburger to mini hot dogs, fish sandwiches, and even a meatball parmesan. The variety of menu items and quick service dining style has made Sliderz a fast success.

The Revel Solution

“Now we have three points of correction - the guest at the Customer Facing Display, printed kitchen tickets, and then the Kitchen Display System. We almost never make mistakes because we have this three-step correction process with the Revel system.”

“[Revel's Gift Card Program] is incredible. It allows people to buy gifts for their friends and it allows us to be involved in charities and give donations through the gift card process. Another great thing is that it allows customers to recharge their gift cards, just as if we were a major national retailer. We have that capability with the Revel system and it’s a new revenue center for us.”

sliderz buzzy skylar

Why Revel

Sliderz will continue to expand in Florida and beyond. Revel’s ease of use and quick training time simplify new openings and give the chain a competitive edge. Buzzy and his team have plans to open over 60 locations and look forward to growing with Revel.

“It’s really simple enough that we get to set up the system, train staff, and even develop the menu - all on our own. It gives us a competitive advantage because we can ramp up fast. I will use it in all of my restaurants moving forward.”

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