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Scafuri Bakery


Scafuri Bakery is a family-owned bakery located in the Little Italy of Chicago. Since 1904, Scafuri has operated within the family, serving fresh pastries, cookies and breads alongside an espresso bar. Old vintage furniture, family photos and knick knacks invite the neighborhood to relax in a comfortable and cozy setting. The bakery took a brief hiatus in 2007 and when Kelly Lynch reopened her family’s business in 2013, she chose the Revel iPad Point of Sale system so she could track sales and communicate with catering customers more efficiently.

The Revel Challenge

Add Products or Modifiers Instantly

Bakery products can fluctuate depending on inventory, demand, and season. Revel allows Scafuri to quickly add products on the fly and gives them several modifier options.

Invoicing Made Easy

Scafuri Bakery operates a busy catering channel and creates speciality wedding cakes for customers. Between large deliveries and high-profile orders, Scafuri found that Revel’s CRM and Invoicing made payments and receipts even easier.

scafuri kelly lynch with Revel iPad POS

The Revel Solution

“I was looking at Square and I was looking at Revel, but Revel definitely had a better interface for what we were looking to do, especially with the categories and the modifiers. As a cafe, we have a lot of different sizes and options for drinks and the interface sold me.”

“We can easily keep track of our large catering orders and wedding cakes, and then follow-up with customers so they can make payments through the system. It’s been a huge help in terms of growing the business and taking on larger clients.”

Revel has made me a better business owner by making payment processing, customer checkout and sales tracking easier. I can also access everything from my computer or my phone even if I'm not in the bakery.
- Kelly Lynch, Owner, Scafuri Bakery, Chicago, IL

Why Revel

Kelly Lynch chose Revel so that she could make smarter decisions concerning business operations and products. After three years with the Revel iPad POS system, Lynch has found that not only are the reporting elements able to help her better forecast demand and track sales, but she’s able to easily add new products and modifiers, support catering customers with easy invoices, and train employees in just 10 minutes. Revel allows the Scafuri Bakery to grow and expand its business in the Chicago area. Kelly shared, ”I think Revel has a great attitude towards its relationships with its clients. It’s also really easy to use and really easy to train your employees on. I would definitely recommend it.”