To be able to go through 300, 400 customers an hour at lunch, that's really important to us. You know, we need to have a very reliable solution that's going to be there when we have an internet connection and still be alive when we don't.
- Adrien Desbaillets, Managing Director, SaladStop!

About SaladStop!

SaladStop! Is a healthy food pioneer, and the largest healthy food chain in Asia. Integrity, respect, and a commitment to excellence, are core values reflected in every step of their process. How we work with our farm partners, the new locally inspired dressing of the season, or the way our team is considered family. Founded in 2008, SaladStop! Has seen widespread popularity and rapid growth, growing from a single location, to a franchised chain with other 20 locations.

The Revel Solution

"The reporting tools have allowed us to review our menu on a quarterly basis and then look at how we want to make changes. I think we're looking at a menu that is also a lot more fluid and changes every three months now. So that's something that we can make immediate business decisions on. I think, you know, to look at trends, and to look at seasonality, and to look at parts of our business in a lot of detail and be able to segment that information I think has helped a lot.

Not just from the corporate office perspective, but even for the outfits themselves, they can actually see, "Okay, what is my business doing? What am I doing on a daily basis? How can I impact my sales?" And that helps us to give them more ownership as well and empower them to drive their own business in that sense."

Why Revel

The SaladStop! team needed a POS that had the ability to scale with their growing business. The stability of the system was very important in deciding on a platform. The open API and the ability for integrations was also a big part of that. So some of the tools they use directly from Revel, but others, they've decided to build their own particularly tailored to their own operation. That's also something that was important, that they can match and work seamlessly.

10 Ways to Save Money with Revel
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