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Sajj has been serving Mediterranean food to the Bay Area since 2012. Collectively, Sal Khoury, CEO, and Zaid Ayoub, CMO, contributed to starting Sajj with the intent to create a healthy and fresh Mediterranean quick service establishment. Today, Sajj is a corporation looking to heavily scale throughout major locations. Sajj’s first location opened in 2012 and since then they have expanded to three locations with Revel iPad Point of Sale, even adding food trucks to their business.

Listen to Sajj Mediterranean founder & CEO Zaid Ayoub's insightful interview with Eric Cacciatore of the hit podcast series Restaurant Unstoppable.

The Revel Challenge

Access enterprise reports

With Revel’s Enterprise iPad Point of Sale Management System (EMS), Khoury is able to access real-time reports across all locations.

Save thousands of dollars

With Revel’s iPad Point of Sale always on mode feature, Khoury is able to save up to $5,000 per food truck outing during Internet loss.

Owners of Sajj

The Revel Solution

“The fact that the data is available all the time is really a priceless activity. For us, it’s very important to know how we’re doing, how the staff is doing, when the customers are coming in, and how much customers are enjoying the experience; reports are really the one thing that helped us the most using Revel Systems.”

“The cool thing is the Apple iPad Point of Sale offline mode works and we’re still able to generate all the data. Any outing for us can generate sales anywhere between $1000 to $5000, so there’s a substantial amount of money lost if we don’t have the always on mode feature.”

At Sajj, we definitely recommend Revel for other businesses because of the simplicity in growing with this system.
- Sal Khoury, CEO, Sajj, Menlo Park, CA

Why Revel

Sajj is expanding rapidly and needed a iPad Point of Sale that could grow with their business. Khoury and Ayoub chose Revel Systems iPad Point of Sale because its system is “easy to scale”. Ayoub shared, “The nice thing is, once you set it up once, you can replicate the system in different locations and have everything on the same backend. We can sit in the corporate office and see exactly what every store is doing and what every truck is doing.”