Revel really answers all of the questions that we have. It allows us to monitor what happens in the store on a daily basis, even from Australia or really from anywhere in the world.
- Aviv Palti, Project Y

About Project Y

The team behind Project Y had a goal of providing a quality education to the local community, so that the community had a better opportunity to provide for their families and ultimately begin to pull themselves out of poverty through education. With Revel, Project Y has the necessary tools to help take that education to the next level and provide hands on experience in teaching students how to build and run a business.

The Revel Solution

"Revel allows us to really teach the finance team members what accountability is about as far as how we serve customers and taking the change. In Cambodia, it’s a little more complicated because we’ve got dual currency, both US dollars and the Riel. It allows us to teach the members of production to read how much of each of the yogurts we’ve sold, what toppings are popular, what’s the typical waste, average sales, and all the mechanics in the business."

"Revel really answers all of the questions that we have. It allows us to monitor what happens in the store on a daily basis, even from Australia or really from anywhere in the world. "

Why Revel

Aviv and his team realized that there was a lot more which they could contribute to the community there. "When we came back to Australia, we realized that a dollar can sustain a person for three meals in Cambodia in one day, whereas a dollar in Australia would probably buy you, not even a bottle of water. So we realized the value of things." The students that they have, have not just taken the education for themselves, they've actually taken the education on for their families as well. "Those students have always had that potential, but never had the opportunity. when they come to study in the best high school in town, the best university in town, all of a sudden they get the best education from the best teachers and they can really fly. And as a result, that raises their confidence, they're able to contribute more to society. "We ultimately want to get to a position where we have an NGO that is self-sustaining. So the next thing for us would be to continue to have educational social enterprises which provide additional funds to have additional students coming to the NGO. Our aim is to get to 100 students."

10 Ways to Save Money with Revel
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