We’ve always had a really great experience with Revel. The team is always very swift and helpful at responding to any questions or issues.
- George Phillips, Operations Manager, PRESS, London, UK


Whilst living in LA and New York respectively, PRESS founders, Georgie Reams and Ed Phillips, developed a love for cold-pressed juices and have come to rely on them as a convenient, delicious and healthy part of their diets. The two opened PRESS in London to bring cold-pressed juice to the public with a clean and modern design. Taking the metropolis by storm, the PRESS model has been extremely successful.

The Revel Solution

“The three best features of Revel are: the ease of updating products and information in the system, it’s user-friendly interface and it’s easy-to-access detailed reporting.”

“Revel has been great for us on multiple levels. The ability to add numerous wholesale clients is particularly useful, as well as the pricing groups and variety functions.”

Why Revel

PRESS went from manual calculations and tedious operations to a more streamlined system with the new Revel iPad POS. The extremely intuitive and manageable system has been a great help to the staff at PRESS and makes operations much easier. Customers can enter, purchase, and leave in a more convenient manner, and no mistakes are made between the front and back of the house. PRESS loves the simplicity and ease of use, and will continue to use Revel in the future.

10 Ways to Save Money with Revel
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