Pazar Food Collective


Located in Sydney’s Inner West, Pazar Food Collective boasts a melting pot of different cuisines combining Turkish, Middle Eastern and Central American flavours to create an offering that is truly unique. Aptly named after the Turkish word for marketplace, Pazar is a vibrant and bustling restaurant where the meat is cooked slowly but the service is fast and efficient.

Revel Customer | Pazar Food Collective

The Revel Challenge


Reliability was something that Attila was not prepared to compromise on. Numerous dropouts and connectivity problems were issues that needed to stay in the past and Revel’s Always On mode proved to be just the ticket. “Reliability is something that we’ve found exceptionally valuable with Revel. With our previous system, orders used to get lost and some orders didn’t even print. Imagine that you’ve got 250 people in the restaurant and the printers go down… that was a major issue for us. Now with Revel – even in our busiest periods – we know that the system isn’t going to fail.”

Intelligent Inventory

Another issue that Pazar experienced with their previous POS system was a lack of control over wastage and shrinkage. Accurately tracking stock levels proved to be an exceptionally difficult task as the reporting functionality was not up to scratch. Now with Revel, Attila can easily enter recipes into the management console, enabling him to effortlessly track his inventory and save on costs. “Now we can enter wine by the glass and know how many beers we should be getting per keg. We are saving anywhere between 10-20 percent on wastage easily. Before Revel, we wouldn’t know if the stock was broken or whether it had just disappeared. Ordering stock is so easy now. At a glance we can look at Revel to see where our stock levels are and confidently order in what we need.”

Revel Customer | Pazar Food Collective

The Revel Solution

When searching for a new POS, high levels of security, reliability and speed were non negotiable for Pazar. The system also need to be intuitive so that the team could hit the ground running and keep up with the fast paced nature of the business from day one.

As soon as we saw how Revel worked, we saw that the benefits far outweighed what our previous system was providing at the time. The reporting gives us greater control and a more accurate snapshot of how we are progressing.

Attila Yilmaz, founder, Pazar Food Collective

Why Revel

“We did some research in the marketplace by taking note of places that we liked and restaurants that performed and performed well. We then spoke to a few people and Revel was recommended.

“The system can actually do more than we need it to do so it was a great choice for us. As we grow, we hope to open numerous outlets so the communication capabilities between the restaurants with Revel is going to be of great benefit for us in terms of controlling stock, managing staff schedules, controlling wages and the reporting across the group.”