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Over the Top Cake Supplies


Over the Top Cake Supplies is a bakery-supply, retail chain serving the greater San Antonio, Texas, area. Typically serving cottage bakers who don’t purchase enough to benefit from wholesale outlets, the company offers more than just the wares of the trade. With a staff equally passionate about baking, the customers are so delighted by the service, advice, and tips that it’s causing the company to grow rapidly. Revel’s Enterprise Reporting keeps business on track with up-to-the-minute reporting on what matters most.

Additionally, Revel's partner integration, Como, has made a huge impact on Over the Top's business. Utilizing the ComoSense solution, Over The Top Cake Supplies increased average Sales by 31% through the use of segmented campaigns.

The Revel Challenge

Growing Pains

Growing from one to three to five and more locations in a short amount of time means that Over the Top Cake Supplies needs to be able to onboard new employees quickly. Luckily, Revel’s system is build to be intuitive.

Tech Support

Once in a while, Jean and her team might dive a little deeper and need to figure out something that they’ve never done before with the system. With 24/7 tech support, she feels reassured that whenever she does have a question, she’ll get the help she needs.

The Revel Solution

"It's a very user-friendly system. Given that it’s iPad-based, it’s very simple to train my sales associates. I’ll give them a 30-minute tutorial just to familiarize them with what’s going on, but pretty much after that, they’re ringing up customers. You can't mess it up.”

“Revel has amazing people in tech support. I like the fact that sometimes I won’t be able to figure something out, and so I'll call them. And even though it may be a simple thing, they don't make me feel like I was silly for calling.”

If one of the franchisees calls me and they're having an issue, I can log into their system and help them out. Instead of me having to play a guessing game with them on the phone, I can go in and show them what's happening. So it's a huge time saver for me.
- Jean Iennaco, Director of Operations, Over the Top Cake Supplies

Why Revel

Over the Top Cake Supplies prides itself on exceptional customer service, so working with another company that makes service a focal point is why the company will continue to partner with Revel as it expands. “Revel’s team has made me very confident with the system. There's a lot of things that I can do on my own that I don't have to call support for, and it's because they’ve trained me.” As the company grows rapidly, Jean worries a little bit less about managing all of the operations, because she can help each one without being on site. “My greatest pleasure using Revel is the fact that I can make sure everything is going smoothly even if I'm away from the stores. I can fix things for them remotely. That's a huge comfort.”