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Old 300 BBQ

Business Type:

Quick Service


Blanco, TX

About Old 300 BBQ

Old 300 BBQ is a quick service barbecue restaurant in Blanco, TX. It holds history at its core by embracing the story of the first 300 settlers of Texas, and how Texas barbecue originated with these ranchers and their fire pits. Names of the first 300 settlers are drawn on a restaurant wall, and a United States map is covered with push pins that represent the various locations our customers come from. Located on the town square, they also have an event hall, with quaint string lights and true Texan decor. They serve a signature Akaushi brisket along with other barbecue staples, and have created a booming business after only two and a half years.

iPad POS | Old 300 BBQ

The Revel Solution

“It’s very easy to close down the system at the end of the day. We don’t waste any time and we don’t have any manual operations. It’s all automated.”

“From when a customer places their order? I’d say it takes 40 seconds. It’s so fast. It syncs perfectly to the kitchen, and then they know exactly what to do. Generally, we have food out to customers within 3 minutes from when they order.”

old 300 bbq PITMASTER
Managing cash and credit cards is flawless for us. Theft and loss is a real part of any restaurant business, and Revel allows us to manage cash flow with ease.
- Mike Betzer, Part-Owner, Old 300 BBQ, Blanco, TX