MTH Pizza


Details matter at MTH Pizza, a neighborhood pizzeria in Smyrna, Georgia, and part of Unsukay Restaurant Group. Born of the vision of its three namesakes—Todd Mussman, Ryan Turner, and Chris Hall (the M, T, and H of MTH)—the restaurant is laster-focused on quality. At MTH, everything from food ingredients and beverage selection to customer experience must be top quality. It's the sum of these details that keeps guests returning for more. The restaurant's chef-driven pies showcase seasonal ingredients and inspired topping combinations. And for an establishment that believes pizza is only as good as the crust it's built on, you'd better believe details are considered from dough to topping and beyond.

Revel Customer | MTH Pizza

The Revel Challenge

Off-premise service

In response to the pandemic, MTH needed to quickly pivot from the majority of their business taking place on premise to a shift to nearly 80% of business taking place off premise. Online ordering was a key opportunity.

Remote updates and management

With menus changing daily, the restaurant operators needed a solution that allowed for quick updates that could take place on-the-go. This, along with business insights being available from any where at any time, was heightened by the onset of the pandemic.

Revel Customer | MTH Pizza

The Revel Solution

Along with their restaurant peers, MTH faced a sweeping, global pandemic in March of 2020 that forced its operating team to rethink how they served their customers. Suddenly the team was confronted with a new challenge: how could the pizzeria offer a detail-obsessed, high-quality experience if diners weren't able to eat on premise?

Online ordering became a new area of focus for the neighborhood pizza joint. MTH needed a solution they could deploy quickly and easily that would afford them the ability to get back to doing what they've always done best—craft quality pizza.

Fortunately the pivot was feasible due to an often unsung part of restaurant operations: the pizzeria's cloud-based point of sale (POS).

"We don't know where we'd be if we hadn't switched from a legacy system to the cloud-based solution with Revel in January," says Susie Oddo, director of operations and services for Unsukay. Though the group started out on a legacy system that served the restaurants well enough, an impending end-of-life for the product was going to require a major investment. So, Susie and her team decided it was time to explore cloud-based options.

We don’t know where we’d be if we hadn’t switched from a legacy system to the cloud-based solution with Revel.

Susie Oddo, director of operations & services, Unsukay Group

Why Revel

Ultimately the restaurant group moved forward with Revel's cloud-based platform. The Revel solution is designed for and housed on the Apple iPad, backed by Apple's iOS operating system. This hardware and software combination provides MTH pizza with a high-performing solution that is durable, stable, secure, and remarkably easy to use.

With the onset of COVID-19, the platform's ability to immediately and remotely enable online ordering and menu changes was essential. "Once COVID hit, everything changed, and we were almost exclusively carry-out," Susie says. "Online ordering and remote menu updates have been two of the features that have had the biggest impact for us since the start of the pandemic."

Pandemic or no pandemic, another boon for Revel's cloud-based platform compared to legacy alternatives is its ability to update menus at any time, from anywhere, in a matter of clicks. "These menus change daily, so having that agility was really important," Susie says. MTH greatly benefitted from a POS that could keep up with the constant innovations of its chefs.

As is the case with any new technology, having the right support in place to help Susie and her team actually use the POS was critical, too. There was a learning curve for the MTH team when they left a platform they'd been using for years for a new solution with new features. Susie acknowledged working with three different Revel team members in particular to address questions or raise suggestions for future product development.

One lesson 2020 reinforced is to always be ready to respond to unexpected circumstances. With a nimble POS in place, MTH does just that each day, but can now focus again on those details that distinguish their pies and their experience from the pack.