With Aloha we had constant failure of the system, so just imagine people in a long line in front of your failing system, it was unacceptable. Once we got Revel, that problem was quickly resolved. It’s really increased the efficiency of our operations.
Koros Derakhshani, Owner, Monkey Nest Coffee, Austin, TX
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About Monkey Nest Coffee

Monkey Nest Coffee began in 2011 as a relaxing coffee shop that served quality, fair trade coffee that, “didn’t taste like Starbucks.” They reached a turning point when they went 24 hours a day, and provided a space for students to flock to in order to study late at night. Monkey Nest Coffee prides itself on organic coffee, as well as baked goods, breakfast items and sandwiches. They also host “The Nest,” a space for live music and way to engage with the local community.

Business Goals

Koros previously used Aloha for his point of sale, but grew tired of the tedious maintenance and found Revel when he was looking for a high quality solution.

The Revel Solution

We can monitor sales from different angles, whether it’s revenue, number of customers, product mix, so your dashboard is really user-friendly and extensive.
The few times that we’ve had problems, Revel’s technical support is on top of it and we didn’t have go through any stress before the problem was resolved.

Monkey Nest Coffee Team

Why Revel

Monkey Nest Coffee chose Revel because he needed a point of sale system he could rely on. He’s found that the easy-to-use interface has improved efficiency, and the management console allows him to have a full picture of how his business is doing in real-time.

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