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About KyoChon

With over a thousand franchised locations across Asia, Kyochon is famous for its signature dish— Korean fried chicken. Terry and his team run the Malaysian franchises, a rapidly growing branch of the brand. But running a restaurant that has a reputation that precedes it can be a challenge. With all of its popularity, making the right decisions every day is pivotal to ensuring that the restaurants are able to meet customer expectations every single time—including food quality, menu availability, and preparation time. That’s why Terry and team chose Revel.

The Revel Solution

“Revel has helped improve our efficiency with the Kitchen Display System and Mobile Order Takers. The staff sends the order directly from the customer’s table to the kitchen. There’s no need for another step. We’ve been able to serve customers in half the amount of time during peak capacity compared to our old system.”

“Everything is interlinked. When a customer places an order, it’s linked directly to production systems, and that makes a big difference to any business. Revel has helped me run my business with the Product Mix report. We’re able to see what’s selling and what isn’t. We can determine the optimal quantity for inventory we want to have on hand.”

I’ll be the first to say that Revel has helped turn our business around. It’s evident in our sales. It’s really evident. Our business, even as popular as it gets, needs a very good support system to make sure that we can continue to produce and meet the needs of our customers, and Revel is there to help us do just that.
-Terry Goh, Managing Director, KyoChon Malaysia