This is all possible because we have a mobile, cloud-based solution.
- Nathan Young, JT Walker’s Restaurant, Mahomet, Illinois
iPad POS | JT Walkers

About JT Walkers

Champaign County Brewing Company, an offshoot of JT Walker’s Restaurant, places an emphasis on locally-sourced ingredients. It’s a microbrewery in every sense of the word. The brewpub is housed in a small building, and employs a four-person crew. Coinciding with the brewpub’s emphasis on local, Champaign County Brewing Company’s head brewer grows his own hops, and the master brewer–as well as the owner–are from the area. Located in the downtown of Mahomet, Illinois, the brewpub is local in every sense of the word. JT Walkers now uses Revel iPad Point of Sale.

The Revel Solution

“Revel has the ability to integrate the different things I need. Having the option [to turn features on or off] is a safety net.”

“I have something mobile I can use in all these different ways. It came intuitively, and this is why this is the best solution ever.”


Why Revel

After over one hundred hours of research, Young landed on Revel. He wasn’t interested in legacy POS systems, which required a heavy investment in hardware and were costly to set up. They also required an ‘all or nothing approach’–that is, “You had to buy the whole oil tanker or nothing” as Young stated. He liked how Revel gave him the ability to pick and choose the features he needed, and “turn off” the features he didn’t.

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