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Indianapolis 500

Business Type:

Retail, Enterprise


Indianapolis, IN



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About Indianapolis 500

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway opened in 1909 and draws in roughly 250,000 attendees per year. The stadium holds grand and exciting events that bring in massive crowds, all there to witness the fastest race car drivers in the world.

The Revel Solution

“We can get customers through the lines at a much quicker pace. Revel Systems has made the time it takes to process transactions next to nothing.”

“My favorite thing about Revel’s iPad POS is how easy it is to use. The interface is very easy and employees who are familiar with using an iPad found the POS system quick to pick up. New users of Revel’s iPad POS were trained within minutes, instead of hours, like some of the other systems we’ve used.”

indy 500
We’ve had some (Point of Sale) requests that were kind of left field, but Revel has been amazing on appeasing our asks.
- Doug Aydelott, Regional Director of Merchandising, Legends Hospitality for Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis, IN