Hall Wines


HALL Wines is a family-owned, critically-acclaimed Napa Valley vineyard and winery. The Rutherford and St. Helena locations have over 30 cutting-edge art installations, kitchen demonstrations, and interactive tasting experiences.

Revel Customer | Hall Wines

The Revel Challenge

Customer Relationship Management

Wine lovers know their stuff, so making sure that the team at HALL knew as much about their guests' preferences as they do their wine was imperative to their success.

Customer Experience

HALL wanted to improve the overall experience and make it operationally sound, without impeding the team's flow.

Revel Customer | Hall Wines

The Revel Solution

“With Revel's CRM, we can quickly capture someone’s data which is then stored, including past orders, preferences, and mailing address. We can then start building profiles around people, and when guest comes back to visit, we know who they are, when they visited, and what their personal likes are.”

“When a guest has questions about a particular wine, we can arm the wine educator with tasting notes and more information by letting them bring the POS right to the guest."

We can arm the wine educator with more information and a cash register at the same time.

Jeff Zappelli, Director of Membership, HALL Wines, Napa, CA

Why Revel

In order for HALL to function as its founders envisioned, they needed a way to enable the purchasing process without hampering the flow of events, tastings, and tours. HALL offers a variety of spaces for events, tours, and other guest experiences, and the logistics of bringing a traditional point of sale to the guest weren’t possible. “The reason we chose Revel is we needed to bring the cash register to the guest." Revel has helped HALL Wines focus on direct to consumer sales. The Revel table service menus create a closer tie between hosts and guests on site, while the system’s seamless integrations have allowed HALL to ramp up business nationwide. Ultimately, HALL is enhancing the guest experience through technology, modern art, and perfectly-tannic cabernet.