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Gordo Taqueria

Business Type:

Quick Service, Restaurant


Bay Area, California

About Gordo Taqueria

In 1977, Gordo Taqueria opened its first location in San Francisco, and quickly became the neighborhood taqueria. With a nearly 40 year history rooted in the Bay Area, Gordo Taqueria takes pride in its traditional, regional Mexican recipes and passionate team that has helped foster an impressive multi-generational customer base. When they were looking to expand their operations, maintaining their excellent customer service was their number one concern. Gordo Taqueria teamed up with Revel Systems to ensure consistency and excellent service between their now, six locations across the Bay Area.

The Revel Challenge

Customer Display System

The split-screen functionality of the Customer Display System allow customers to see their orders, increasing order accuracy and speed of service.

Comprehensive Reporting

With six locations across the Bay Area, Gordo Taqueria keeps a pulse on highest sellers and average ticket price to ensure that they are always leaning towards profitability at every location.

The Revel Solution

Gordo Taqueria's unique, fast casual set-up was designed to make the front of house more efficient. To ensure quick speed of service, Fernando Guzman, the Director of Operations, partnered with Revel, finding that "Well absolutely I think the system is very efficient in how the orders are processed and how the payment is taken."

And to really grow their operations and streamline multiple locations, the Gordo Taqueria team analyzed the data pulled from the Revel back-end. "It has been an incredible help in understanding the business, understanding where we can trim the fat, understanding where there is a little more opportunity that we can invest into," said Jeff Chu, the Chief Operations Officer.

Gordo Taqueria
Revel has really helped our business grow over the last year.
- Fernando Guzman, Director of Operations, Gordo Taqueria

Why Revel

Within a given week Gordo Taqueria services anywhere between 15,000 and 20,000 customers, and some of these customers having been coming here since they opened in 1977. When opening new locations Elias Cisneros, the General Manager, wanted to always feel comfortable that each location could maintain the same level of quality and customer service. He said, "One of the best decisions that we've made here at Gordo Taqueria is to include technology into the the taqueria. Revel has helped us not base decisions off of subjective ideas but be able to see real results."