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With more than 40 stores and donation centers and counting, Goodwill Industries of North Florida has been providing its philanthropic job-training and placement services to the North Florida community since 1940. In July 2012 they selected Revel iPad point of sale on the Apple iOS platform as their preferred platform for all of their North Florida locations, and their Director of IT Adam Thayer took a few moments to tell us about their experience.

iPad POS | Goodwill

The Revel Challenge

Easy training

Goodwill has also seen a reduction in training time – and costs – as a result of using Revel.

Advanced technology

Goodwill Industries of North Florida is now using Revel’s customer-facing displays in their stores, as well as the recently-added donation softwares.

Retail iPad POS at Jammin on Haight

The Revel Solution

“This is the easiest system to use we’ve ever had in place. In the history of having a POS system – it’s the least complex one. It’s easy for folks to jump on the system and use it with minimal training.”

“We’re really excited to make Goodwill a leader in the use of this type of technology by helping us hold down costs and improving the check-out transaction for our customers, it allows us to be more efficient at turning donations into dollars.”

Revel’s ability to quickly and easily connect to peripherals – printers, card swipes, cash drawers – via bluetooth and wifi has saved Goodwill hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.
- Adam Thayer, Director of IT, Goodwill, North Florida

Why Revel

Purchasing the iPad POS system saved Goodwill money. Factoring in the average cost and on-going servicing needs of most legacy POS systems, Adam estimates Revel POS saved Goodwill “$700 a register. We have close to 55 registers in our entire organization - that’s $38,500 we’ve saved by choosing Revel.”