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Gen Korean

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About Gen Korean

Gen Korean transcends the norm of Korean BBQ restaurants by incorporating new flavors into their dishes. Beyond their twist on flavors, Gen Korean offers a twist on traditional customer service. From robots delivering dishes to customers grilling food at their table – Gen Korean's unique and modern operations have contributed to its huge success. With 25 locations, Gen Korean needed a Point of Sale that could support multi-location management and enhance their unique customer experience.

The Revel Solution

With 25 locations, decisions need to be data-driven in order to plan for a success. "Revel helps us be confident in our planning," said David. "So looking into the next week, into the next day, into the next month or year, we're able to look on the previously collected data and use that data, analyze it and use that to plan ahead. And that helps in so many different ways," remarked David.

One such way is in how David manages his staff. "The function that we use the most is checking the up-to-date labor. And that's very important to use because if we have too many people on the clock, then we're not being efficient with our resources." Not to mention David can quickly onboard his staff with Revel, "All the functions are very easy to learn and very easy to operate. Within an five minutes I can teach them," added David.

Even though the layout may be simple, which makes it easy to operate and easy to teach, at the same time, using the back end, there are so many different capabilities.
David Kim, VP of Operations, Gen Korean