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Fired Pie


Fired Pie is a custom pizza and salad concept in the fast casual space of Phoenix, AZ. Fred Morgan and his two partners had spent 20+ years growing a large chain pizzeria, but thought it was time to finally do pizza their way. Fired Pie excels at customizable pizza and salads, with fresh pizzas ready in just three minutes. With several locations throughout Phoenix and the surrounding area, Fred and his team needed a POS system that could manage all 14 locations and scale with their fast-paced growth.

The Revel Challenge

Easy Installation and Training

Revel’s pre-configured hardware and intuitive interface gives Fired Pie the ability to quickly implement the system in new locations.

Time-Saving Enterprise Reporting

Revel’s rich, real-time reporting helps Fred and his team stay on top of all of their establishments, and allows them to keep a close eye on new locations and their growth.

fired pie owner

The Revel Solution

“The installation time and training with Revel is simple and fast. It’s a very easy transition and new employees get it within just a few minutes.”

“We don’t have to go to each individual restaurant and can pull up all consolidated data in one screen. Between our accountant and myself, it’s saved us 10 to 15 hours per week.”

I’d absolutely recommend Revel to other businesses - it’s convenient, easy, and reliable.
- Fred Morgan, Partner, Fired Pie, Phoenix, AZ

Why Revel

Fired Pie chose Revel as a trusted point of sale to grow with. Revel’s feature-rich system helps Fired Pie open new locations more quickly and keep a close eye on their operations in real-time. Revel’s loyalty program and catering management has helped Fired Pie connect with customers in different ways, and has amplified their business across the board.