Fat Prince


Fat Prince is a cafe and restaurant, anchored around a modern and trendy bar. And to connect Fat Prince to the community around, it was important to build a business that encouraged people to come there first thing in the morning for coffee, return possibly later for lunch or drinks. But operating such a dynamic business proved its challenges. From payroll and workforce management to inventory, it was important to them that they deploy a tool to help manage their day to day operations.

The Revel Challenge

Actionable Data

Rohit had demo'd a couple of other POS companies, determining that Revel's ease of use and backend functionality set Revel above the rest.

Holistic View

It was important for Rohit that he had a tool to track the progress of Fat Prince, from where it started to where it is, and where it needs to be.

Revel Customer | Fat Prince

The Revel Solution

Revel has been instrumental in streamlining the cafe, bar, and kebab house in Fat Prince. Rohit says, "The reporting function breaks it out very nicely where you've got hourly reports. Then it allows you a view on all of that so we could really dive into seeing, is the cafe doing well? Is the bar doing well? Are the other services doing well? Where do we need to spend our time and energy?"

"I think over time we've learned how to use Revel to its optimum capacity and to make our lives a lot easier as well."

Revel was very easy to set up, it is very easy to manage and the backend functionality is just incredible.

Rohit Roopchand, Director, Fat Prince

Why Revel

"To open a restaurant is not easy, but the easier part. It is running a restaurant and achieving longevity that's the hardest part," said Rohit. Streamlining their dynamic operations and having real-time insight into the how Fat Prince is doing, has enabled Rohit and his team with actionable data to be nimble with their offerings and given them back the time needed to run their trendy and modern Middle Eastern bar and restaurant. "To have a tool that can assist you on that day to day basis where it's like you've got no problems with caputring sales, you've got no problem with reporting, you've got no problem with understanding what those reports are trying to tell you."