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FAT Brands


California-based FAT Brands is a leading global franchising company that strategically acquires, markets and develops fast casual and casual dining restaurant concepts around the world.

iPad POS | FAT Brands

The Revel Challenge

Efficiency Optimization

FAT Brands examined their POS systems across all locations in search of a singular solution that would be able to change and grow as the demands of their eight restaurant brands continued to evolve.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

They needed a holistic platform that could meet the needs of their eight brands that came without incremental price tags. Lower cost of ownership would lessen the burden of rising costs directly on franchisees.

The Revel Solution

FAT Brands is implementing several Revel products as part of its deployment, including self-service kiosks to provide better customer
experiences and multiple kitchen display systems (KDS) to create efficiencies between front and back-of-house employees. Additionally, FAT Brands is deploying Revel Guard XT, a mobile device management solution that gives franchisees the ability to remotely monitor both
in-store devices and POS systems.

By choosing to make the move to Revel Enterprise, FAT Brands cut their initial investment by more than half when compared to the cost of their legacy system— while also gaining a 50 percent increase in features. This move gives franchisees a more modern, flexible technology package to help them be successful at a lower overall cost.

James Newell, Dir. of Construction and Purchasing, FAT Brands

Why Revel

Revel Enterprise was designed and developed with the goal of meeting the needs of expanding businesses —such as larger chains like FAT Brands.

With over 375 locations globally, FAT Brands chose Revel based on the flexibility to innovate, customize and easily integrate with third-party technology partners. This flexibility gives FAT Brands the ability to scale and adapt with ease—a critical piece of any rapidly growing business.

With improved security backed by Apple’s iOS operating system and no servers on site, Revel Enterprise met FAT Brands’ need for the
new solution to be easy-to-implement and maintainable for franchisees.