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While eggs are often synonymous with breakfast, Eggslut is changing the way diners think about their standard over-easy egg in the morning. This chef-driven, gourmet food concept elevates and reimagines breakfast classics. From a bacon, egg & cheese sandwich, to the more exotic—the Gaucho features seared wagyu tri-tip steak and cage-free over medium egg dressed with chimichurri and arugula—the restaurant is paying homage to a longtime breakfast staple. Eggslut’s mission is fueled by an appreciation of classic comfort fare with a twist, and eggs are the star of the show.

Founded as a food truck in 2011, Eggslut has scaled its egg-centric concept to 10 locations across the U.S. and internationally. Whitney Myrus is a director and board member at ITICO, which is the franchisee and licensee of two restaurant concepts, including Eggslut. Because Eggslut is the licensee, they were able to be involved in the electronic point of sale (ePOS) decision making process.

“When you consider the efficiency at which Revel works, in comparison to the many ePOS solutions I’ve worked with, it is the most intuitive in many, many aspects,” Whitney explains.

Revel now powers Eggslut’s two London locations, and the solution’s flexibility has been instrumental in keeping up with new customer demands and shifting operations accordingly.

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The Revel Challenge

Restaurant management simplified

Revel’s robust menu building feature helps Eggslut drill down to categories and subcategories of ingredients within their nine dishes, each with specific shelf lives. This feature, paired with Revel’s ability to track inventory at the ingredient level, ensures they’re always prepared to serve a fresh, quality product. Whitney explains that Revel “has pushed us forward with regards to inventory and menu management in a way that we wouldn’t otherwise have thought of or accomplished.” Weekly, monthly, and annual reporting is also hugely important to the brand, and Whitney appreciates how easy it is to manage and pull reports when compared to the more manual process he had in place prior to Revel. With Revel, pulling reports—from product mixes, to ingredient-level tracking, to hourly sales to help identify top selling products—are available in real-time from anywhere. “Revel is great in terms of being able to look at, manage, and report on our numbers, all in real-time,” Whitney explains. “We’re able to give our chairman and chief financial officer access to the system and push reports to them on a regular basis. This has been critical.”

Increased customization via open API

Revel’s open API lets clients leverage Revel’s strong network of integration partners, or add their own integrations to help meet their unique business goals. Harri is a human capital management (HCI) platform built for the service industry. Through Revel’s open API, Eggslut’s integration with Harri allows the restaurant to manage the entire employee ecosystem. This includes onboarding, scheduling and shift management, time optimization and more. Harri also makes reconciliation easy with robust reporting. Access to Harri, on top of Revel’s built-in employee management features, lets Eggslut’s entire staff focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience. “Revel has enabled us to easily and intuitively do things that other point of sale solutions haven’t allowed us to do. The fact that I’m able to put in a brand new hire, show them the system, and in a matter of minutes, they’re not struggling to understand the point of sale is unique,” says Whitney.

Eggslut customers

The Revel Solution

Simplified restaurant management, robust reporting, and access to a built-in loyalty solution were all contributing factors in Eggslut's decision to move forward with Revel. However, Revel's flexibility and open API emerged as winning market differentiators when COVID-19 hit the hospitality industry.

When the effects of COVID-19 became clear, Eggslut noticed a significant shift in customer behavior. Delivery orders jumped from making up 25 percent of their business to 90 percent in a matter of weeks. Knowing delivery was only going to increase in popularity and that they wanted to increase exposure through third party applications, Eggslut sought an integration with COFE.

COFE is a coffee-focused marketplace, similar to major players like Deliveroo and UberEats. The integration allows them to push orders from the application directly into the Revel ePOS, and COFE’s rewards system is fully integrated with Eggslut’s loyalty data. When an order is placed through COFE, customers automatically join their rewards program. The Eggslut team can then create and deploy highly targeted marketing messages based on their transaction data and contact information.

“This concept of digital outreach and reliance on these types of platforms, whether it being via SMS, email, or pushed through a third party app, are going to be critical moving forward to maintain customer stickiness,” Whitney notes.

Revel is kind of like the heart of the whole entire organization. I’m really happy with the system, its flexibility, and its ability to scale.
Whitney Myrus, Director and Board Member, ITICO

Why Revel

Despite confrontation with a new normal just months before opening their second location in London, Eggslut continues to delight egg aficionados with quality ingredients and service. Revel is proud to play a role in helping them meet and exceed those customer expectations.