Edwin Mills by Equator


Teddy Bedjakian opened restaurant and bar, Edwin Mills by Equator, in 2005 in beautiful Old Town Pasadena. Teddy sought out to conquer excellence in ambiance, service, and food. And his prior Point of Sale was holding him back in achieving his business goals. So, in addition to remodeling his whole restaurant in 2014 he also partnered with Revel.

The Revel Challenge

Automatic Menu Changes

With Revel, Teddy could automate menu changes and implement dynamic pricing to help drive traffic. Specifically, Revel's 'Happy Hour' feature allows him to program what Happy Hour should be and for what days.

Enhanced Kitchen Management

Revel's kitchen management functionality has organized their back of house and ensures that the food gets to the customer's table, quickly and accurately.

Revel Customer | Edwin Mills by Equator

The Revel Solution

From martini night to wine night, Edwin Mills by Equator deploys a number of strategic pricing strategies to keep customers coming through the door every day of the week. And with Revel, the staff can keep track of the discounts and make sure inventory is accounted for, "At 4 p.m. the button shows up right away, so now the staff knows it's happy hour time. I mean it is one of my favorite features on the Revel System, the ability to program my POS system and allow what happy hour should be and when," said Teddy.

By centralizing the management of Edwin Mills by Equator, Teddy can rest assured that his restaurant and bar is taken care of. As a restaurant owner, Teddy wears many hats, "You're a business owner, you're the dishwasher, the bar back. I'm thankful for Revel to make sure I'm on top and not missing anything." "Revel System as cloud-based, means I could do menu changes, check on my sales, check on my staff sales, all from home," said Teddy.

As far as the backend goes it's perfect because it's helping me out with knowing which employee is good at sales, what they are pushing, what they're not pushing, and see an itemized report on every employee's sales.

Teddy Bedjakian, Owner, Edwin Mills by Equator

Why Revel

To achieve excellence in ambiance, service, and food, it was critical that Edwin Mills by Equator was outfitted with the latest in Point of Sale technology. From keeping track of their customer data to closing the gap between front of house and back of house – Edwin Mills by Equator leverages Revel to grow their restaurant and bar. And Teddy knew he needed not just cutting-edge technology, but needed a partner. "I love the Revel System because of that 800 number." With Revel's Support team, Teddy explains "They're seeing what you're seeing on your end from their end and then they walk you right through it and tell you what steps to take next time. I think it's perfect."