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Drinks & Co

Business Type:

Quick Service, Restaurant



About Drinks & Co

Richard Irving partnered with the Drinks & Co founders as the business was gaining momentum thanks to its competitive pricing. Richard now oversees the operations of Drinks & Co and is responsible for the business's growth and development. Opening a bar for the first time brought out its own set of new challenges, one of which was maintaining control over the complex inventory. They sought out Revel as a solution to best streamline their operations and scale their business.

The Revel Solution

"If you can do inventory count in a couple of hours at the end of the month, if you can delegate that to subordinate staff and it's very easy for them to follow through with it and do it accurately. If you can do quick service and everything's gonna be at the end of the day very neatly fed through to something like Xero or QuickBooks and it just saves a lot of time and it keeps things nice and tidy and accurate."

drinks & co
I can run any report I want within a couple of minutes. It's very, very quick to do analysis and figure out where I can improve the business, which I couldn't really do before.
- Richard Irving, Chief Operating Officer, Drinks & Co