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Curry Up Now


Curry Up Now first took its concept to the road in 2009 with a menu that gambled the unique hybrid of traditional Indian, American, Mexican, and Italian cuisines. The bold flavors of Curry Up Now were welcomed by the Bay Area, and one food truck quickly growing to several trucks. Soon after, the founders partnered with investors, vendors, and Revel to open their first brick-and-mortar location in San Mateo. Today, Curry Up Now has six locations, including San Mateo, Palo Alto, San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, and Alameda.

The Revel Challenge

Multi-Location Management

Jeremiah needed a solution that could automate menu and pricing changes without interrupting work flow.

Speed of Service

With Revel's Mobile Order Takers, Curry Up Now can keep the line moving by processing orders from anywhere on the floor.

Curry Up Now

The Revel Solution

Jeremiah partnered with Revel not only to manage and glean actionable data from all six locations, but ensure a quick and seamless customer experience at each and every location. "One of the great ways we can get a line down is not just having multiple registers, but having Mobile Order Takers where we can walk up to guests in line and get their order. And that way, everyone gets in, they get their food, and they get going with what they need to do."

"We also have a Self-Service Kiosk where someone can walk up and order their food for to-go, if they don't want to wait in line, if they are in a hurry, or just don't like talking to people. It allows our people to focus more on the guests rather than putting in orders."

An advantage of Revel is that we can change settings on the fly and push those updates to every single location without interrupting our operations.
- Jeremiah Voris, Assistant General Manager, Curry Up Now

Why Revel

Revel has not just been a Point of Sale for Curry Up Now but a partner. Jeremiah says, "The main thing I would point out is the customer service Revel has, any time of day I can pick up the phone and get the help with what I need. All six of our locations are currently using Revel. An advantage of that is that we can change settings on the fly and push those updates to every single location without interrupting our operations. We have multiple stations using Revel, and we also have handheld units where can go up to a guest at the table, process the transaction without needing to return or ask them to leave the table. It's really facilitated us to help our guests."