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Coffee Geek & Friends

Business Type:

Quick Service


London, England, UK

About Coffee Geek & Friends

Founded in 2012 by ex-corporates Robin San and Matthew Law, Coffee Geek & Friends started off as a mobile service, promoting corporations through the sale of specialty coffee at events. Coffee Geek is a brand that represents not only good quality coffee but also innovative technology, combined for the perfect coffee “experience." Its first permanent location opened in May 2015 in Victoria, when San and Law chose Revel iPad Point of Sale as their POS solution.

iPad POS | Coffee Geek & Friends

The Revel Solution

“Our customers are always pleasantly surprised with how efficient we are as an independent coffee shop.”

“The iPads are a huge plus point. Rather than shouting out customers’ names we have them displayed on an iPad so they know when their orders are ready. It makes the overall interaction much more pleasant.”

The Revel team has been quite useful and ready to answer any questions. Revel has been with us every step of establishing our payment system and helped us through any difficulties.
- Matthew Law, Co-Founder, Coffee Geek & Friends, London, UK