Revel is amazing overall.
- Tyler Otto, Christian Center of Park City, CFO, Park City, Utah
iPad POS | Christian Center Park City

About Christian Center Park City

Thirteen years ago, the Christian Center of Park City, Utah started as a food pantry for people in need, and has now grown to a $4 million a year company with 24 employees, and 3 retail stores. Two of the retail stores are what can be considered “high end” thrift shops, while the third shop is more like a dollar store. All of their merchandise is donation-based and the Christian Center receives a combination of high-end items and items of lesser value, providing them with plenty of merchandise for all their locations.

The Revel Solution

“With Revel, we now spend an average of one hour a month inputting information into our donor database.”

“Every two weeks Revel adds a new cool tool that makes life easier. We ask for something and in a short time it becomes available.”

Thrift store

Why Revel

After installing the Revel Systems POS, CPFD gained new insight into what they were selling, how much, and at what times. For example, Revel’s product mix report allowed CPFD to see their “top moving items” in real-time.

10 Ways to Save Money with Revel
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