Revel has way more functionality than every other POS we have used, and it's very easy and convenient to use.
- Jack Zhang, Owner, Chirashi by Mr. Z

About Chirashi by Mr. 7

Chirashi by Mr. 7 opened because they found a gap in the market. Chirashi was typically served in traditional Japanese restaurants and did not afford the diners the possibility of customizing their own chirashi bowl. With that in mind, Jack Zhang opened up his chirashi fast casual conept, Chirashi by Mr. 7. Situated in central California, adjacent to a community college, Chirashi was welcomed by their neighboring millennial cohort.

The Revel Solution

Prior to Revel, Chirashi by Mr. 7's counter service concept wasn't designed to maximize volume, and handle their robust menu options. To optimize the ordering flow, they deployed five Revel Self-Service Kiosks. "When a customer enters Chirashi by Mr. 7, they feel the order service is very fast and convenient. Since we have five kiosks, customers don't experience any wait time when they try to make an order, and they can go through all the options and then make the perfect bowl just for them."

To supplement the seamless in-store ordering process, Jack implemented Revel's online and mobile ordering. Jack said, "What I love about Revel is that they also have an online order system, as well as a custom phone app. So the customer can experience the same way of ordering inside the store as well as they order at home. And as a business owner, it's also easier for our workflow, because no matter what type of order, it all comes through the same management console."


Why Revel

Chirashi by Mr. 7's is all about customization, so the restaurant demanded a Point of Sale technology that would enable them to produce customized orders and expedite the ordering process. Jack states, "For someone trying to open up a new business, I would really suggest you try to utilize all the technology that you have, like the Kiosk system. These technologies are really helping us to have more efficiency, and also a better experience for the customer." Jack concludes with "But seriously, getting Revel is our best decision."

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