We’re about 50% faster using Revel. We’ve gone from hand writing everything to just entering orders with a click of a button.
- Beth Goldwater, Owner, Bertha's Cafe, Phoenix, AZ

About Bertha’s Cafe

As a pastry enthusiast, Beth Goldwater opened her first cafe in 2005. From her famous cheesecakes to popular sandwiches, Bertha’s Cafe has seen phenomenal growth in the Phoenix area. A regular, busy crowd comes in six days a week, and Bertha’s operates a booming catering business on the side. Beth previously used a fully handwritten system, and needed a new Point of Sale to improve order accuracy, reduce waste, and speed up service so lines wouldn’t wrap around the block.

The Revel Solution

"The product mix report that Revel provides has helped us see what items we’re selling most of, what we’re selling less of, and price them accordingly. We’ve saved a lot of waste and saved a lot of money with Revel."

“Revel has decreased the amount of wait time tremendously. Customer wait time has been reduced from 2 minutes to about 30 seconds. Their food gets out before they even sit down, it’s so fast.”

Beth Goldwater Bertha's Cafe

Why Revel

Bertha’s chose Revel to streamline operations with a paperless system. Customers love the digital signature screen and the option to email their receipts. Beth finds that the ease of use and speed of Revel improves order times and reduces waste, while CRM simplifies her catering orders. Real-time reporting gives her more time to spend with her little one, instead of sitting in front of a computer and “trying to figure out spreadsheets and match numbers.” Overall, Revel helps Beth increase sales while improving efficiency.

10 Ways to Save Money with Revel
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