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1100 Group

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San Francisco, CA


3 Brands, 5 Locations

Business Type:

Quick Service & Table Service

About 1100 Group

1100 Group manages a collection of five restaurants in the Bay Area, CA. The management team behind pizza restaurants The Star and Little Star, and fast-casual concept Boss Burgers, chose Revel Systems as a point of sale solution that could support a robust multi-location pizza delivery business while still meeting the unique needs of each restaurant.

Listen to 1100 Group president Ben Seabury's insightful interview with Eric Cacciatore of the hit podcast series Restaurant Unstoppable.

The Revel Solution

With a focus on delivering a high level of customer experience, Revel’s menu flexibility and reporting suite enable the management team to learn and adapt to their customers. Locations see anywhere from 150 to 350 diners a day—and almost twice that in takeout. This makes it critical to have a great delivery program, as well as efficient order taking and kitchen management. Larger restaurants utilize multiple POS terminals to take orders as well as an integrated Kitchen Display System to ensure pizzas are delivered quickly. In order to meet the needs of both their dine-in pizzerias as well as their quick-service burger joint, the 1100 Group turned to Revel.

Six-plus years running on Revel Systems has resulted in:
1. Ten percent increase in revenue from online ordering
2. Consistency across locations
3. Enhanced control over menus
4. Streamlined delivery order process
5. Increased order accuracy and decreased turnaround time

Revel was able to map half-and-half toppings and half-and-half specialty pizzas, and the way that the modifiers worked within Revel is better—there is just more adaptability.
Michael Petrilli, Vice President & CTO, 1100 Group