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iPad POS | Juicys using Revel POS at the OC Fair

Top 3: Juicy’s at the OC Fair

Fair season is in full swing, and Revel’s iPad point of sale system is at one of the biggest fairs in California, the Orange County Fair. Located in Costa Mesa, the OC Fair runs for 23 days and attracts vendors from all across the country. One of the vendors, Juicy’s Food, has chosen Revel to operate 4 BBQ stands at the fair including the World’s Largest BBQ Grill, a beast of a truck known as the...

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iPad POS | Restaurant industry revenue image

POS True Offline Mode: Offline, But Not Out of Commission

POS Always On Mode is part of what makes Revel truly outstanding in the world of iPad point of sale systems. Traditional point of sale systems ran on a local network, which ensured network speed but meant the restaurant owner had to deal with bulky hardware, which often required expensive maintenance. This also meant that if you wanted to check your reports, you had to physically come into the office.  And with the price of...

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iPad POS | Flair bartender Vladymyr Buryanov

Innovators in the Industry: Flair Bartender Vladymyr Buryanov

Several years ago we set out to change the way POS systems worked in the service industry. Revel is always looking at the industry for those outliers who are changing the way the service industry performs: Those in entertainment, tech, culinary arts, and those who serve as a benchmark for raising the bar of service and excellence. For this week’s Innovators in the Industry Piece, we took a moment to learn from one of the...

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iPad POS | Caffé Cova in San Francisco

A Quality Cup of Caffé Cova

Boriana DiMonte, owner of Caffé Cova, would like you to leave her coffee shop with one word in mind—quality. Born and raised in Italy, Boriana believes quality is essential to culture and lifestyle: “I come from a culture which is all about quality. Quality from friendships to food to working, that’s Italy.” Caffé Cova, located inside the Citigroup Center in San Francisco, uses the concept of quality to serve office tenants in prominent class A...

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iPad POS | Thin crust pizza from The Just Crust

The Just Crust: Doing Pizza Justice

The Just Crust Pizzeria, located in Cambridge, MA, offers delicious, thin crust pizza with a side of social change.  Try one of their seasonal pizzas, such as the Basilico with house made, fresh basil pesto and topped with local ricotta. You’ll note the use of fresh, local ingredients both in terms of tastiness and how it coincides with the increasingly popular sustainable food movement. What you may not realize right away, however, is that your...

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iPad POS | Yo! sushi and Uber logos

Delivering Technology to Your Mouth

Imagine a sweltering sunny day. You’re with friends complaining about how hot it is outside. It’s the kind of day that makes you wish you won the Super Bowl, just so you could get that ice-cold gatorade bath dumped on your unsuspecting head. One of your friends blurts out, “You know what would be good right now? Ice cream!” Turns out the nearest ice cream parlor is miles away and the air conditioning in your...

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iPad POS | Decor at Noir Lounge

Film Noir & Pinot Noir: The Best of Both Worlds in Hayes Valley

Two giant, rustic wood-paneled doors open on the fashionable sidewalks of Hayes Street in Hayes Valley, San Francisco. Inside is the welcoming ambiance of Noir Lounge, a jazz-inspired wine bar featuring inviting couches, glowing surfaces, and screenings of classic noir films. On one of the couches sits the owner, Brian Cassanego, comfortably speaking on his love of wine. “I love the complexity of wine. You can make so many types of wine from one single grape....

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iPad POS | Revel iPad pos system with hand

iPad Point-of-Sale Vendor Revel Rings Up New Funding

Revel Systems, a startup building point-of-sale software and hardware that works with the iPad, has raised $10.1 million and added two people to its board. The funding comes from the two new directors: Tim Tighe, a former CEO of Hungry Jack’s (a Burger King franchisee in Australia), and Sean Tomlinson, an entrepreneur. The funds will be used in part to help increase Revel’s headcount in its San Francisco headquarters by 50%, as well as construction...

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iPad POS | happy customer and employee at Phiz Coffee in San Jose

Revel iPad POS Clients in San Jose

At Revel we like to check in with our clients whenever possible. We appreciate feedback, and love to see how they have set up their iPad POS system. Here are a few of our clients in San Jose, and what they had to say. First off (alphabetically speaking) we have CaliDog, a fusion hotdog place located in the San Pedro Square Market in San Jose. CaliDog is known for its unique ingredients tossed onto classic...

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iPad POS | Revel Systems iPad POS at Belkin

Revel Partners with MokiMobility!

  It was announced yesterday that Revel Systems iPad POS is partnering with MokiMobility, becoming the first and only mobile POS solution to meet PCI guidelines. As Revel CTO Chris Ciabarra notes in ZDNet, “This partnership is the catalyst that will drive growth and adoption of iPad POS.” This partnership will also help “Revel and its customers get ahead of the game in terms of PCI compliance, since what is originally released as a guideline often becomes...

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iPad POS | Revel Systems iPad POS at a grocery store

Revel Featured in "Supermarket & Retailer"

  The February issue of Supermarket & Retailer features Revel Systems in their article “Automate Your Success.” The article opens with an excellent quote from Revel CTO Chris Ciabarra: “It’s funny, point-of-sale (POS) systems have been stagnant for a long time, seeing very little change in a matter of decades. However, that has changed drastically over the last couple of years.” The article starts on page 11.

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iPad POS | Sailors Thai restaurant in Australia

Sailors Thai—A Very Happy Revel Customer!

  Sailors Thai, the hallmark of Sydney’s most delicious and authentic Thai food–and Revel Systems customer–is very pleased with their new POS System. “Revel’s ease of use and superior design has helped us become more efficient, offer better service and have a greater understanding of our business. We are now able to focus on serving customers instead of worrying about our POS. That’s the way it should be.” Sailor’s Thai is such a fan of Revel...

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