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iPad POS | free wifi at your cafe

Offering Free WiFi at Your Café

With the number of public WiFi hotspots set to grow to 5.8 million by 2015 – triple the number of hotspots in 2011 – more business owners than ever are faced with the decision to offer wireless access to their customers. But will it benefit their bottom line? In a word: yes. As internet-enabled devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets grow ever more ubiquitous, customers are increasingly demanding wireless access just about anywhere they go....

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iPad POS | Wilson Velasco of Revel Systems

Top 5: Updates for Revel POS Version 1503

The Revel Engineering team is proud to announce the release of Atlas 1503, together with supporting changes in the Backend, KDS and Display. We’re continuing to focus our efforts on stabilizing our current code base. The Release includes 5 new features, approximately 20 enhancements and lots and lots of bug fixes. In the video below, Revel Account Manager Wilson gives a breakdown of the 5 new features for the Revel POS Version 1503 release. Table...

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iPad POS | Patrick Donnelly of Revel Systems with Inventory Management for Bars

Inventory Management for Bars

Working in hospitality is fast paced and thrilling; however, there is one part of managing a bar that most owners and employees do not look forward to—Inventory Management. The profit margins on liquor are really high. Spillage and a house tab are usually standard deductions for any bar for a typical night of service. A typical dive bar can easily go through 10-20 bottles a night, not to mention beer, mixers, and garnishes. Typically once...

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iPad POS | Future of Money Conference

Revel and the Future of Money Conference

Revel was recently invited to speak on a panel about the Point of Sale industry at the Future of Money & Technology Conference. The conference included a range of expert speakers who touched on everything from credit card processing, bitcoin and virtual currencies, to mobile payments and new banking models. Marius Domokos, Revel’s VP of Corporate Development, represented Revel Systems on the panel accompanied by speakers from Capital One, CardFlight, and Groupon. 4 main trends emerged...

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iPad POS | social media tips

3 Tips to Effectively Use Social Media At Your Restaurant

As a savvy business owner, you understand the importance of social media. You may have even read our white paper: Social Media & Restaurants.  Now that you’ve done your research, you realize the vital role social media plays in your restaurant’s marketing strategy, as well as in connecting with customers. How do you make this new-found knowledge work for you? That is, how do you use social media effectively? Here are three tips to effectively...

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iPad POS | Revel movie POS

The Revel Movie POS

Movie theater owners have a lot on their plate on any given day–implementing a robust Movie POS solution can help with some of the heavy lifting. Movie theaters have a host of specialized needs when it comes to keeping track of things and managing the day-to-day operations – varying ticket prices, length of films, multiple locations, different types of sales through multiple terminals or registers. This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of concessions,...

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iPad POS | Bar Rescue featured image

Revel as Seen on Bar Rescue

Revel Systems recently made a guest appearance on Spike TV’s Bar Rescue. “Drunk & Dirty Dolls” aired November 3rd, 2013, and can be seen here. The episode features Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer as he seeks to get a Vegas motorsport bar back on track. Jon worked his usual magic, and with the help of the Revel POS was able to get this bar successfully up and running. Check out the gallery below to view stills...

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iPad POS | cupcakes and technology

Sweet Technology:  High Tech & Cupcakes at Cako Bakery

In a story recently covered by KRON 4 News, Cako Bakery of San Francisco, CA is using innovative new ways to share the joy of cupcakes. Cako has developed a way of knowing their customers as soon as they walk in the door, and have created a personalized buying experience. By tracking customer buying habits—much like Amazon–Cako is able to tailor their offerings to the individual customer. Cako’s mobile app, developed by Index and integrated...

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iPad POS | portable cash register featured image

The Importance of a Portable Cash Register

Cash registers can be a big impediment for shop owners. Initially they might not seem that way, but when you consider how static and slow they can make your customers’ buying experience, you’ll have to agree that the cash register is a pretty archaic piece of equipment. Think about it:  The cash register is anchored to an arbitrary spot in your store or restaurant and every time a customer wants to buy something, they have...

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iPad POS | mobile device management graphic

Top 3 Benefits of Mobile Device Management

Using an iPad point of sale is a great way to maximize business efficiency and profitability while keeping your costs low. One downside to an iPad POS, however, is the overall attractiveness and desirability of iPads, and these devices can often serve as an easy target for thieves. A stolen iPad is bad enough in itself–this is your business’s point of sale system, and chief piece of hardware, and replacing them (easy enough as it...

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iPad POS | top 10 things your iPad can do

Top 10 Things Your iPad Can Do

The new iPads are incredibly popular today, and for good reason. There are plenty of utilities to use and play with on the iPad, but some rank higher with some more than others. Which ones do I think have the most potential right now? Here is my list: 1. iPad POS When running a business, the iPad POS system will make your job at least a hundred times easier. Using the iPad POS system, the...

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iPad POS | black friday featured image

Top 3 Ways to Prepare for Black Friday

You own a retail store, and chances are you know that Black Friday—aka, the day after Thanksgiving—is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Last year, shoppers spent a record $59.1 billion over the Black Friday weekend. As an owner of a retail business, you want to be prepared, and to make sure your shop gets a piece of the profits. What are the best ways to prepare for Black Friday? While there...

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