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iPad POS | top 10 things your iPad can do

Top 10 Things Your iPad Can Do

The new iPads are incredibly popular today, and for good reason. There are plenty of utilities to use and play with on the iPad, but some rank higher with some more than others. Which ones do I think have the most potential right now? Here is my list: 1. iPad POS When running a business, the iPad POS system will make your job at least a hundred times easier. Using the iPad POS system, the...

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iPad POS | black friday featured image

Top 3 Ways to Prepare for Black Friday

You own a retail store, and chances are you know that Black Friday—aka, the day after Thanksgiving—is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Last year, shoppers spent a record $59.1 billion over the Black Friday weekend. As an owner of a retail business, you want to be prepared, and to make sure your shop gets a piece of the profits. What are the best ways to prepare for Black Friday? While there...

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iPad POS | Projection of the PSFK Future of Retail Event

Recap: PSFK Future of Retail

Last Thursday, retail influencers from across the country gathered at Fort Mason in San Francisco, CA, for the PSFK Future of Retail conference. The event, sponsored by Revel Systems iPad POS, featured speakers from growing companies like Uber, to giant corporations like Google. Here’s a brief recap of what transpired at the PSFK Future of Retail conference. Scott Lachut of PSFK Labs and Piers Fawkes, Founder and President of PSFK, kicked things off with a...

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iPad POS | Thanksgiving Rush featured image

Preparing Your Grocery Store for the Thanksgiving Rush

The average Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and all the trimmings will cost $49.04 this year according to a story from USA Today. That’s down a bit from last year’s cost of $49.48 (a YoY savings of $.44 from 2012), but still a pretty good deal when you think about all the food that finds its way to our Thanksgiving table. Most families will enjoy the traditional favorites like turkey, stuffing, potatoes, rolls or bread, cranberries, vegetables,...

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iPad POS | rebooting retail image

Rebooting Retail: POS as a Sales Solution

Looking to streamline retail sales? Point of Sale systems might be your answer. Easy to use, informative and secure, this modern technology leaves yesterday’s cash register in the dust. There’s a reason retailers are some of the heaviest users of POS systems: with a POS comes a customized means of doing business. This is why POS is also known as Point of Service – this system does not merely provide a means for sales transactions,...

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iPad POS | iPad stands for retail

iPad Stands for Retail Point of Sale

It’s hard to believe that the Apple iPad has only been around since April 2010. In three and a half years, it has fully embedded itself into both personal and business applications. It’s difficult to think of another device that has integrated so seamlessly and quickly into modern culture. The telephone (another pretty handy device) was invented in 1876 and took almost 70 years before a national numbering plan took effect. The numbering system created...

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iPad POS | mPOS featured image

Mobile Point of Sale

In today’s modern age, everything is mobile, and that includes the cash register. Keep up with mobile trends–and the mobile consumer–by adopting a POS system that can meet all your needs. What are the advantages of a mobile point of sale solution?  No matter the type of business you own, you will find that mobile point of sale will help with speed, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Here are three major benefits: Line Busting: Quick service...

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iPad POS | digital signage software

Digital Signage Software for iPad POS

You have your iPad POS for your business, and love it. You even find that your customers ask about it, and enjoy signing on the iPad instead of the traditional paper receipt. The question is, how can you further use technology to interact with customers and maintain a smooth-running business? For restaurants and quick service establishments looking for a sleek way to improve their business, take a look at tools that utilize digital signage software....

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iPad POS | anatomy of a food truck

Anatomy of A Food Truck

How many pieces does it take to make a food truck? Although it appears to be a self-contained operation, a food truck sports a complicated anatomy, and business owners need to take several factors must be taken into account before they embark. Richard Myrick of Mobile Cuisine notes some major factors that need to be considered before starting one’s own food truck: Passion: The right amount of passion is required in order to start your...

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iPad POS | Retailers and Tablet Use

Retailers Embrace Tablets, Mobile Devices

The retail landscape has been changing rapidly as brick and mortar entities battle to stay relevant in an ever expanding digital marketplace. Major retailers like Borders Books and Circuit City have gone by the wayside in the wake of Amazon’s (and other online retailers) continuing gains in market share. When you factor in the “showrooming” phenomenon that turns physical stores into showrooms for customers to demo products before purchasing them online, the challenges to retailers...

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iPad POS | Technology and Your Restaurant

How Restaurants Are Using Technology To Drive Business

New developments in technology are everywhere–how do you harness them to bring customers to your restaurant? Here are four ways you can harness technology to draw traffic to your restaurant: Mobile Dining Apps: Restaurant patrons will often use mobile apps as a way to discover their next dining experience. There are a multitude of consumer-facing mobile apps that drive traffic to your restaurant, the most notable among these being Yelp and OpenTable. Consumers will confer...

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iPad POS | Restaurants and Liquor

Liquor & Restaurants: Profit Margins 101

In the five years to 2013, alcohol sales increased across the board—2.2% for wine, 2.1% for liquor and 1% for beer—and consumers relied on liquor stores over restaurants and bars for the majority of the alcohol purchases. However, according to IBISWorld, over the next five years, “escalating competition from restaurants and bars is expected to inhibit revenue growth as consumers with rising incomes choose to drink more on-premises beer, wine and liquor.” The alcohol industry...

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