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iPad POS | Online Ordering

Tech Tips: Customize Your Online Ordering Platform

From full-service to quick-service, restaurants are turning to online ordering to meet the demands of their diners. And now, restaurant concepts are designed specifically in mind for automation, delivery, and mobile and online ordering. With Revel’s Online Ordering your restaurant can open an additional stream of revenue, and enhance the...

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iPad POS | joy

Add Some Joy to Your Store!

After finishing as a finalist at a Revel Tech Competition, focusing on helping merchants save time and money, JoyUp team began to brainstorm issues for the merchants: How busy they must be. How the learning curve of social media holds back progress. Not knowing how to convert social media engagement...

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iPad POS | guest facing

9 Must-Have Guest Facing Technologies For a Restaurant

Restaurant technology is incredibly important for streamlining your back-of-house operations and equipping you with the critical data needed to enhance your operations. On the front of house side, technology is important for building relationships with your diners, driving the customer experience, and ultimately boosting your bottom line. Just as quickly...

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iPad POS | taxes

Tech Tips: Set Your Taxes Up For Success

Tax season is just around the corner. And while it may not be the most exciting time of the year, it’s certainly an important one – and one, we all have to take part in. With Revel, this is no longer something you need to sweat. In this article we...

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iPad POS | product mix

Tech Tips: Product Mix & Sales Summary Report

Every hour you’re open for business, your Point of Sale is busy accepting payments, calculating change, estimating tips, and a range of other transactions. That’s a lot of number crunching, and fortunately for you, the numbers don’t have to disappear unaccounted for. The insights derived from your Management Console can...

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iPad POS | fast food trends

Ask An Expert: Self-Service Kiosks

Customers want to purchase what they want, when they want. Most importantly, they want this to be effortless. This time-tested standard has gone through a number of iterations as technology has become an increasing driver of customer success. Businesses with the most winning strategies are making the effort to adopt new...

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iPad POS | inventory management

Ask an Expert: Inventory Management

Confronting inventory management can sound daunting, and when you’re sold out of your hottest item halfway through the sale, you’re not just dealing with disappointed customers, you’re dealing with lost revenue. An inaccurate inventory count can be detrimental to your business; and nearly half of small businesses either don’t track inventory at...

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iPad POS | 2.34

What’s New? 2.34s Hottest Features

We are excited to share with you all the hottest features from the 2.34 system update! We want to welcome you and your business into 2018 with our latest update that will further streamline your processes and enhance your reporting capabilities. The update to the management console is underway; stay...

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iPad POS | Four Pros and Two Cons of Going Cashless

Four Pros and Two Cons of Going Cashless

The past year brought along a flurry of disruption to the payments world. From cryptocurrency to peer to peer payments – how, where, and when people are paying is changing. One important development is the slow demise of cash. Across the country, both restaurants and retail shops have begun experimenting...

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