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iPad POS | EMV pin and chip cards

Get Ready for EMV Chip Migration

EMV stands for “Europay, Mastercard, and Visa,” the original developers of the chip-based payment cards and terminals. Overseen and supported by numerous banks, merchants, processors, and industry stakeholders, EMV works to manage and maintain smart card payment standards. Over two billion EMV chip payment cards are currently in use today. By...

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iPad POS | future of pos

The Next Phase of POS

We’ve certainly come a long way from typewriter-like cash registers with pop-up prices; or inaccurate scanners that beep when they can’t read a barcode. Today’s POS systems offer a wide variety of features and functions that elevate even the smallest of businesses into the digital age. Making the right choices...

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iPad POS | Revel iPad POS Lapperts

5 Reasons to Switch to an iPad POS System

Making tough decisions and meeting challenges head on are traits all business owners have in common. You’ve got to be able to wear many hats to make your enterprise successful; and being able to tell the difference between a fad and a trend is key to achieving both short-term and...

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iPad POS | Revel Custom POS Box

A Unique POS for Every Business

As a business owner, you tackle tough challenges every day. Resolving issues with a legacy Point of Sale system should not be one of them. Today’s POS systems are easy to use and fully customizable to your business’s specific needs. At no other point has the process of selling and...

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iPad POS | Revel Release Notes

Stay Up-to-Date with Revel’s Release Notes

Stay on top of the latest updates with our iPad Point of Sale (POS) software by accessing Revel’s Release Notes! The Revel Engineering Team is hard at work to provide you the best features and user experience possible for your iPad POS. All Customer Facing and Management Console features and...

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iPad POS | Revel Systems White Papers

Revel Systems White Papers

Savvy business owner that you are, you may already know that Revel iPad POS offers the tools you need to help your business thrive. But did you know Revel also offers helpful guides to various aspects of running business? Our white papers cover a span of topics that help you...

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iPad POS | 1515 Release Notes

1515 Release Notes

The Revel Systems team is proud to announce the release of Atlas 1515, which includes updates to the Revel KDS. Updated features include: Employee declared breaks. Employees attempting to clock out will be prompted to declare if they are either ending their shift or going on break. Depending on backend...

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