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iPad POS | 2.31

What You Should Know About The Updated Look And Feel of Your Revel POS

In our latest feature release, 2.31, we have updated the look and feel of your Revel POS. Working closely with Apple to update, the new UI provides you with the best-in-class interface to reduce friction, enhance the user’s experience, and align our platform more closely to the familiarity of Apple’s...

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iPad POS | search

Revel POS 101: Search Smarter Not Harder with Alternative Lookups

Tim Saving Practices: Alternative Lookups How much time, would you estimate, do you spend searching for specific products you offer customers? Probably much more than any business owner is really willing to give up. And when creating an excellent customer experience, timing is everything. To make finding products with diverse...

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iPad POS | Revel Price Tags

Revel POS 101: The Price is Right!

Keeping Prices Right on Your POS Bonjour, business owners! Revel’s back at it again and we’ve got some great news for you. Do you own a business where you’re constantly changing product prices? If so, Revel can help you stay on track in this ever-changing environment. Let’s say you own...

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iPad POS | Tax April 15 Hacks Money Cactus

3 POS Tax Hacks To Save You Time And Money

Tax Season Made Easy I don’t know anyone who ever looks forward to tax season. Your neck and shoulder muscles are probably tightening just reading this. Take a deep breath. Revel’s unique partnership with Intuit QuickBooks means that you are already ahead of the tax-season game. Your Point-of-Sale system should...

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iPad POS | Money Bills Cash Skrill

Revel POS 101: Table Management…AND YOU CAN TOO!

Making Table Management a Breeze Do you manage or own a table service restaurant? Do you wish there was an easier way to view and navigate the chaos that comes with a packed house? Don’t worry, Revel’s got your back. For our table service customers, Revel has enhanced the iPad...

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iPad POS | Revel Release Notes

Revel 1525 Release Notes: New iPad POS Features and Enhancements

Revel Systems just released a number of new features and enhancements to its iPad POS! In our 1525 Release Notes, users can find additional functionalities to help ease their management processes and grow their business. From major improvements to the Kitchen Display System (KDS) and Digital Menu Boards to numerous...

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iPad POS | Revel iPad POS Lapperts

5 Reasons to Switch to an iPad POS System

Making tough decisions and meeting challenges head on are traits all business owners have in common. You’ve got to be able to wear many hats to make your enterprise successful; and being able to tell the difference between a fad and a trend is key to achieving both short-term and...

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iPad POS | Delivery Management Console on the Revel Systems iPad POS

New and Improved Functionality for the Delivery Management Console

  The Revel Systems Delivery Management Console gives business owners the power to monitor the delivery side of their business from one centralized console. The Delivery Management Console already offers the following functionality: Average and individual delivery times Delivery payment breakdowns Average and individual food prep time Tip tracking and...

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