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iPad POS | Employee evaluating inventory control

What is Inventory Control? – Definition & Common Systems

What is Inventory Control? Inventory control can spell the difference between success and failure with your business. Proper control can help maximize your profits while maintaining minimal stock in your warehouse. Indeed, getting to that point of inventory management perfection is the holy grail for most companies. So what is...

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iPad POS | what is inventory management

What is Inventory Management? Stock & Order Systems

What is Inventory Management? Inventory or stock management is one of the most critical aspects of most modern businesses. In a nutshell, it’s a system for monitoring, purchasing, producing, and selling of any physical stock in your operation. It can be either for raw materials, finished goods, or both. The...

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iPad POS | cash register

Cash Register Selection: Basic or Cloud-Based

How to Choose the Right Cash Register for Your Business Cash registers are an integral component of any business. After all, at the heart of a business is the monetary transaction that takes place—the exchange of goods or services for currency. Historically, a manual cash register required cashiers to enter...

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iPad POS | Customer using nfc mobile payment

NFC Mobile Payments: What They Are & How They Work

What Are NFC Mobile Payments? NFC is seen by many as the future of contactless payment. In fact, it’s already in use in other applications like train stations and office buildings. If you want to know more about NFC and the impact it will have on the future of business,...

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iPad POS | Delivery Strategy

Delivery Strategy & How to Benefit from It

Getting Started with Delivery Strategy For restaurant operators, the COVID-19 crisis has had a major impact on business. We’ve seen many brands make huge operational shifts in response to mandated shutdowns of dine-in service. Some restaurants are implementing a delivery strategy for the first time. The burden of establishing these...

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iPad POS | Version 2.59 of Revel's POS apps boasts new features and functionality

Revel Version 2.59 Release Spotlight

New Features and Enhancements in Revel’s Version 2.59 App Revel version 2.59 is live! This release includes an array of new features and enhancements designed to help you streamline your business operations and equip you with the market’s most robust reporting tools. Let’s dive into some of our favorite features...

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iPad POS | Holiday Season POS Promo

Maximizing Your Point of Sale During the Holiday Season

For business owners, the most wonderful time of the year can also be the most hectic time of the year! High customer volume, long hours, and constant stress can take the dazzle out of the holiday season.  Thankfully, your Point of Sale Software Features has some great tools to help you...

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iPad POS | Integrate accounting systems to improve your reporting

5 Reasons to Integrate Accounting Systems with Your POS [List]

5 Reasons Successful Businesses Integrate Accounting Systems with Their Point of Sale Point of sale (POS) platforms changed the way businesses around the world operate. Business owners are no longer using traditional methods to track their daily revenue, but instead turning to the POS to automate and manage their operations....

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iPad POS | Hire the right talent: employees view an iPad POS

And It Just Keeps Getting Better—Revel Version 2.51 [Video]

What’s New with Version 2.51 Alas! Revel’s quarterly product update is upon us. This round of updates has many exciting enhancements. Here’s what you can be on the lookout for in version 2.51: Management Console Have you experienced challenges with maintaining your inventory levels between establishments? Now, with our store-to-store...

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