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iPad POS | Personalization

Proof is in the Personalization: Stats Roundup

Customers are upending the definition of customer service. Now, customers demand an end-to-end customer engagement solution. From the moment they walk into a store to the purchase, and now the new focus, the post-purchase.  The customer journey has evolved, so don’t treat your customers like a number. From restaurants to...

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iPad POS | instaworthy

How Worthwhile It Is for Your Business to Be “Instaworthy”

Quest for Instaworthy content Instagram, the mobile home of aspirational lifestyle content, is essentially free advertising for any business type. It’s a platform where aesthetic is king and where users hashtag away in the hopes of virality and fame. Instagram, a member of the Facebook family, has been a game...

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iPad POS | Choices of deli cheeses

How to Run a Successful Deli | Top 6 Tips for Deli Owners

Consumers are increasingly gravitating towards delis in search of quick, grab-and-go meals. Nearly three quarters of respondents from Progressive Grocer’s Retail Deli Review Survey projected an 80% increase in deli sales for 2019 over the previous year—a projection that aligned with the increasing number of consumers visiting delis for convenient...

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iPad POS | Retail environment shopping carts

How to Create a Retail Environment that Sells

Over 70 percent of all purchase decisions are made in-store. What this widely quoted statistic means is—environment counts. Retailers do well by creating a pleasant atmosphere where shoppers feel comfortable enough to linger, enjoy browsing, and ultimately, make purchases. Here are 5 essential elements of putting together a retail space...

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