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iPad POS | Digital marketing strategies

Stay Open for Business with Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies That Can Help Your Business During Lockdown Digital solutions, including digital marketing strategies, have long been hot topics for the business marketplace. Then 2020 happened, and these strategies are more crucial than ever.  Over these past months, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyone’s lifestyles and many countries...

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iPad POS | cross-selling strategy

Use Cross-Selling Strategy to Boost Your Ecommerce Store Income

Leverage a Cross-Selling Strategy with These Quick Tips Smart marketing experts think not only about how to attract new customers but also about how to increase the value of every single customer. A cross-selling strategy is a perfect option for increasing the value of each customer transaction.  Image Source:

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iPad POS | Ecommerce SEO Strategies

5 Ecommerce SEO Strategies To Rank Higher

Ecommerce SEO Strategies That Can Help Drive Organic Traffic The cost of clicks is rising and it’s becoming more and more expensive to get paid traffic to your web store. Thankfully, there are options for search engine optimization (SEO) that can help offset climbing costs. Have you considered ecommerce SEO...

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iPad POS | Gift card program

Gift Card Program: Retail System FAQ & How to Sell

Gift Card Program Guide There’s a reason many major retailers around the world have a gift card program in place: when done right, it works on a number of levels. It’s a fantastic way to market your brand and adds revenue to your bottom line at the same time. Customers...

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iPad POS | Stand Out Over The Holidays

Last-Minute Holiday Tips For Small Businesses

Well, fall sure flew by, didn’t it? With Black Friday and Cyber Monday come and gone, the holidays are officially upon us. While the U.S. Small Business Administration recommends getting started on a holiday business plan as early as June or July (!), if December snuck up on you, don’t...

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iPad POS | Your Business Deserves Treats for Halloween!

Your Business Deserves Treats for Halloween!

Halloween and the weeks leading up to it are a great way to extend your “holiday season”, driving more revenue to your business.  Ready to make sure it’s all treats for your business? Check out these tips and tricks. Participate in the Neighborhood Trick Or Treat Route If your business...

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iPad POS | Receipts

5 Ways To Use Your POS Receipts

For most businesses, the biggest marketing goal is to sustain and grow a steady customer base by increasing brand awareness. That means getting the customer to do something routinely – to eat at your restaurant, buy your product, or share your news far and wide. Businesses can spend so much...

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iPad POS | Consumer Psychology And Menu Boards

Consumer Psychology And Menu Boards

Restaurants put a lot of effort into making their menu items as appealing as possible. Every element — from the ingredients to the presentation on the plate — matters. However, what many restaurants don’t know is that no matter how appealing a dish is, their customers will never know if...

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iPad POS | customer engagement

The Dos and Don’ts of Customer Engagement

Every retail or restaurant chain should know that engaging with customers is critical to increasing loyalty and sales. In fact, customer engagement has always been a driving factor to grow retention. Consider the mom-and-pop shops of the past. They knew every customer on a first-name basis and would greet them...

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