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iPad POS | Server takes order using mobile point of sale

Mobile Point of Sale: System Devices & Technology Explained

Things to Know About Mobile Point of Sale Technology Mobile point of sale applications, sometimes known as mPOS apps, are an example of advancements in technology that are changing consumer habits, creating a culture of convenience and simplicity. The innovation allows consumers to make fast, safe, and simple purchases on-the-go,...

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iPad POS | Gift card program

Gift Card Program: Retail System FAQ & How to Sell

Gift Card Program Guide There’s a reason many major retailers around the world have a gift card program in place: when done right, it works on a number of levels. It’s a fantastic way to market your brand and adds revenue to your bottom line at the same time. Customers...

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iPad POS | Talk Online Ordering

ICYMI: Revel & Maple Street Biscuit Company Talk Online Ordering

Let’s Talk Online Ordering [Webinar Recap] COVID-19 is never far from anyone’s mind these days. And for many businesses, online ordering has been a critical operational addition in order to adapt to the environment and stay open. In a recent webinar — Leveraging Your Online Ordering Solution for Success — Revel...

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iPad POS | Transaction using contactless technology

The Past, Present and Future of Contactless Technology

All Eyes on Contactless Payments  Even before the sweeping effects of COVID-19, contactless payments comprised a heavy percentage of modern retail purchases. As once shuttered businesses begin to reopen and adapt to more germ-conscious customers, contactless payments have emerged as an essential solution to have in place.  Demand for contactless...

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iPad POS | Stay current with grocery trends to maximize your operations

Six Key Grocery Trends and How to Address Them

A Closer Look at Key Grocery Trends Did you know that 10% of Americans are now purchasing their groceries online? With the continued rise of online shopping, the grocery industry needs to explore new ways to meet customer needs while enticing consumers to shop in-store. That starts with understanding grocery...

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iPad POS | POS Forecast: Digital Focus with a Chance of Innovation

POS Forecast: Digital Focus with a Chance of Innovation

Point of Sale (POS) Forecasting for 2020 With the arrival of each new year, a wealth of predictions and trend forecasting precedes industry shifts and innovations. There’s increased speculation around “what’s next.” At Revel, we capitalize on industry-shifting predictions. This focus on challenging the status quo is the very reason...

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iPad POS | Food-on-the-go trends for QSR & grocery stores

Top Food-on-the-Go Trends

Did you know that 65% of Americans are scrambling to figure out what’s for dinner only two hours before dinnertime? The world is more fast-paced than ever, and as a result, a greater number of consumers are looking for expanded options when it comes to quick and easy meals. As...

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iPad POS | Quick service restaurant: flexible footprint

Is a Flexible Footprint the Right Move for Your Restaurant?

It’s no secret that about 70% of transactions at a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) come from its drive-thru. The continued popularity of the drive-thru, combined with the rise of third-party delivery services such as Uber Eats and DoorDash, raises a question about the future of standalone QSR: “Do restaurants really need all that...

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iPad POS | Improve restaurant ops with preventative maintenance

Boost Your Bottom Line with Preventive Maintenance

There are many competing demands on a restaurateur’s attention. Staffing. Food quality. Customer satisfaction. Profitability. Payroll. The list goes on… Amidst so many details to monitor, it’s likely maintenance isn’t always top-of-mind until something goes wrong. But there are some simple steps operators can take to help with preventative maintenance...

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