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Understanding the Digital Customer Journey [Webinar]

An Evolving Customer Journey Restaurateurs and retailers are no strangers to the constant stream of new customer-facing digital technologies in the industry. Some examples of tech impacting the digital customer journey include mobile apps, online ordering, and a growing number of third-party delivery partners.  There is also an increasing amount...

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How London-Based Grind Keeps Up With The Coffee Industry

Founded just east of London in 2011 by two friends who were determined to disrupt the local coffee scene, Grind started out as a single location espresso bar and has since successfully scaled both their business and offerings. Today, Grind is comprised of three café-bars and seven restaurants across London....

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Tips for Business Owners on Managing An Omni-Channel, Multi-Location Operation

Hopefully since you opened your first location business has been booming. Perhaps you have now opened multiple locations, established an online presence, expanded your staff, and welcomed hundreds—if not thousands—of new customers as a result.   All this can quickly become overwhelming. But, armed with the right managerial skills, a dedicated...

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The Predictive Scheduling & Fair Workweek Compliance Landscape for Restaurants 

Labor compliance, predictive scheduling, and Fair Workweek are terms on the mind of every restaurateur in America—and for good reason. As strict labor legislation continues to pass in more states and cities around the US, the threat of compliance fees and legal suits grows for restaurants.  The cost of non-compliance ...

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Advice from Revel’s Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer on Keeping It Simple

The following Q&A offers executive insights from Revel System’s Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer on incorporating a simplified, people-centric focus into a future-focused strategy.  In 15 short months, Chris Lybeer, chief strategy & marketing officer at Revel Systems, has played an integral role in shaping the company’s current and future...

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Tips for Creating a Restaurant Event Space [Guide]

Content in this post was contributed by guest author Luke Miller, marketing associate at Placez.  As a business operator, it’s always a good idea to keep your eyes open for untapped potential and new ways to capitalize on revenue. Hosting events for special occasions is a massive opportunity that you...

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5 Reasons To Attend Revelry 2019!

Revel’s annual user conference, Revelry, is quickly approaching! From September 16 – 18, we will bring the restaurant and retail tech industry together for keynotes, presentations, workshops, networking, and more! What is Revelry? Revelry is a conference inspired by and designed for you, our customer, featuring content that matters to...

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Highlights from NRA Show 2019

Last week, our Revel Systems team completed an incredibly successful exhibition at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show 2019. This trade show is the biggest annual event in the restaurant industry. Revel had a huge presence at the show, and our 50’x50′ booth stood out with size and design. Leading...

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Revel Version 2.48: It’s Pretty Great

With the release of Revel Version 2.48 slated for the end of Q1, we wanted to take the time to let Revelers know what exactly they can look forward to with our latest version. We’ve added new features to our Kitchen Display System (KDS), revamped our online ordering feature, and...

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