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iPad POS | data visibility

Why data visibility is the secret ingredient for restaurant success

Data visibility is not a term we’re used to hearing in conjunction with the restaurant industry. Restaurants conjure ideas of authentic cooking, true hospitality and good food equaling automatic success. In practice, there’s a bit more to it than that. Restaurants are businesses, and like all businesses, restaurants benefit from...

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iPad POS | small restaurants

Data Driven Decision for Restaurants

While big data may sound like big business – the power of data can and should be used in businesses of all sizes. Small restaurants that are using modern point of sales, like Revel Systems, have a wealth of data at their fingertips and with a bit of analysis, have...

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iPad POS | voice commerce

Voice Commerce: On the Customer Engagement Menu

Technology has become an integral part of numerous restaurants’ day-to-day operations and they continue to invest in new digital innovations every day. Nearly 85 percent of all mobile users searching for a restaurant go on to make a purchase which why a recent Kabbage survey finds that restaurants will outpace...

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iPad POS | Android

Restaurant iPad POS vs Android POS [Comparison]

Choosing the Right Point of Sale for Your Restaurant Today’s business owners have much to consider when it comes to technology deployment, including the long-term implications of their decisions. Restaurant operators considering cloud-based technology solutions for their point of sale (over the higher-cost, less fluid option of server-based legacy solutions)...

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iPad POS | Data Insights: Kiosks’ Steady Gain in Popularity

Data Insights: Kiosks’ Steady Gain in Popularity

Data Insights Market Force’s large-scale survey polled around 11,500 consumers about their dining habits and restaurant technology usage at quick service establishments. The main takeaway is that technology is being used more and more to drive orders. So, how are customers placing orders? The three main technologies driving payments are...

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iPad POS | online ordering

11 Stats That Prove the ROI of Online Ordering

Online Ordering is an indisputable force in the restaurant world. Not only does it provide an additional stream of revenue for restaurants (for many significant), it is completely reshaping the way restaurants connect with their customers. Let’s take a look at how impactful online ordering is for restaurants: The Online...

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iPad POS | pizza industry

How To Make the Most of Your Restaurant Data

You’ve got the data, so how do you use it to make meaningful decisions? As data becomes ingrained into everything we do, it’s important to understand your data and make data driven decisions, so you can run a smarter restaurant. With a Revel POS, you can know your business better...

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iPad POS | customer loyalty

Essential Customer Loyalty [Statistics]

In a fiercely competitive market, retaining customers can be one of most challenging aspects of running a business. Consumers attention spans are shorter than ever, and relying on excellent service and a great product isn’t enough. To keep up with the complex customer journey, merchants have turned to loyalty programs...

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iPad POS | Gift card statistics

12 Surprising Gift Card Statistics

Gift cards are ubiquitous with the holidays, and the season of gift giving is in full swing. At face value offering gift cards seems simple, yet many smaller and independent businesses don’t offer gift cards. As of 2015, nearly 93% of American consumers surveyed have either given or sent a...

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